My Idea Of Wealth In EMC

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  1. Well, basically, it depends whether you have a shop, a charged roller coaster, if you just hog rupees and do nothing with them, or how much you buy on a monthly basis. So, we'll start with the shop.

    Well, if you're a person like Todd_Vinton, your kind of shops have their pros and cons. For one, they take a lot of resources to build. And then secondly, stocking your shop is very tough to do. (Unless you have employees, but they aren't too trustable.) And it's not like you can stock your shop up on a daily basis. And besides, a typical stock-up can consume the most part of your rupees. (Unless you're Diamond Supporter, but still......) And even If you don't buy stuff to stock up your shop, It'll take a lot of digging and mining. So you can say goodbye to your Ore Buster if you do that. BUT on the other hand, a handful of people will buy from your shop usually. Why? Answer: Because it's cheap, and it sells almost everything you need!!!

    Well, sometimes, small shops offer the best prices ever, but they're hard to come by. And usually, they don't sell everything you need, OR they're always out of stock. So, if you want to run a shop, I'll recommend dumping the idea, but not exactly. Because if there were no shops, then EMC wouldn't be here! So, if you have the money, the materials, etc, you can do that! It's not like I can run your life or anything of the sort!

    Well, I admit I have built a rollercoaster on 1540. But not without the help of many people. (Thank you TheMiniKins, jjhhgg100123, etc.) But I was Gold Supporter back then, and still, it consumed a lot of time and rupees. (At least 2500r!) And I only charge 15r, and even so, I don't get many customers. So, I would recommend ignoring this type of money-earner, unless you know most people on your server like a certain kind of entertainment. (Which hardly occurs.)

    Well, um...... I can't help these kind of people. They don't use their rupees too much, so, they're pretty much good. But I WON'T recommend this kind of lifestyle at all. Because you're kinda in the middle. Not earning too much, nor spending much. So, yeah........

    Total money you're earned in a month from your business divided by the amount of days in the month.

    If your answer's 1r and below, then you should give up your business.
    If your answer's 5r and below, then your business's okay.
    If your answer's 10r and below, then your business's good.
    If your answer's 11r and higher, then your business's too good.

    Hope this helped!!!
  2. I guess this is me because I don't spend rupees much. I have always tried to gather most of my stuff myself and have saved up my rupees since I joined.
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  3. Is it me or is this a new trend? posting about what wealth is?
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  4. I prefer the Voltian model of wealth.
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  5. Below?
    And I am a rupee hogger, I just log in and vote...
  6. Got a lot of rupees? Wealthy. Don't got a lot of rupees? Not wealthy. <- My definition. :p
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  7. Don't have any rupees but 300 EMC fireworks? Wealthy.
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  8. Potentially held rupees included :)
  9. Don't worry, Ryuga, you shall into economics some day ( ° ͜ʖ ͡°)