My idea for free players

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MileHi, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Even though I like to play for 3-4 hours straight when I can, I'm behind this.
  2. I like the Idea half and half cause I really want to see this server progress and have 50,000,000,000,000 players
    but so many residences would be very uncomplete due to a limit of time.
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  3. I like Liz's idea alot, first time players can automatically connect regardless if server is full, I was thinking maybe give them unlimited playtime for the first 24 hours to give them time to get accustomed with the server and build themselves a little home to begin with.

    I've been thinking about the limiting playtime issue, would it be possible to allow new players maybe a 6-8 hr daily playtime in their first fortnight, then a 3-4 hr daily playtime after first fortnight. This would provide incentive for players to become supporters, as well as provide new players with the time needed to get themselves setup.

    Another thought I had was instead of penilizing players for going over their daily hr limit, how about rewarding those that don't use up their daily hr limit. If they only used 2 out of their theoretical 4 hour limit, they could recieve half their daily bonus on top of their regular bonus, so 150r instead of 100r. If they only used 1 hour, 175r instead of 100r. This system would have a cutoff point of double daily limit, or 200r, and would never exceed this, even if not logged on for several days.

    Just some theoretical thoughts for pondering :)
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  4. This is a good idea shaun great thinking :)

    Yea I totally agree with you, there shouldn't be a penalisation for extending time, but adding an incentive to play less. This will encourage people to exit early and make more room for other players, that is if they are after more money :)
  5. ROFL! that would require more than 7692 Planet-Earth population as of now. And according to UN-High Estimation We would have 14,000,000,000 In about year 2100

    I guess those who are playing right now by trhat time would be like 100+ years old already.
    hahaha. XD :D :eek::confused::);)