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  1. hello,

    For those of you that don't know me I used to be a diamond supporter. Unfortunately I can't pay for it anymore. Now that I am a free player again I have a suggestion because I can never get an open slot.

    My idea is to put a time limit on free players. Like 1 or 2 hours a day or something. This would allow more free players an opportunity to play every day. This is how things like the basketball courts at the gym work to maximize the fun for everyone.

    As a free player I would be happy for this, what does everyone else and the admins think?
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  2. Actually, this isn't the first time I've heard of this idea...and it's not a bad one to be honest. We have so many people we hear (and see in the logs) who have been trying to experience the Empire without being able to once yet (even those who have tried for days/week+ and have yet to get in once). A lot of places around my area do this (like you mentioned, basketball courts, etc.)

    Could be something worth exploring.
  3. I think its a great idea milehi! the more people that can try EMC the better. :)
  4. Smp4!
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  5. It's coming soon.
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  6. This is interesting. Jeremy and I were just talking the other day about how everytime we open a server it is instantly full. When we launch smp4 I know it will be full in about 30 minutes. I wish we could have a slot for every person in MC that wants to play but we just can't keep up. We LOVE this community and will do everything in our power to provide the best servers possible.
  7. Wow really thats awesome! I wonder how many you guys will have in..say.. a year?:DSmp24 LOL that would be so cool. You guys whould be like MINECRAFT legends!
  8. I personally don't like the idea because I am a free player and I like to play for more than 4 hours at a time. The time limit thing.
  9. Nice. SMP4 Dragon!! I'm prep for that now. 20 eyes of ender and like 500+ arrow and diamond armor. lol
    Would be nice if someone can enchant my armor for me. :D
  10. Having a limited time to play and being automatically disconnected after that time would have totally put me off when I first came here. I would have looked for somewhere else to play for sure.

    But then, the same might have been true if I simply couldn't log in much of the time... though I think I would find being automatically disconnected after a time considerably more vexing than simply not being able to log on.

    So yeah, this would have put me off considerably more than not being able to log on and having the option to pay for guaranteed access.

    Paying for guaranteed access is one thing; paying to avoid getting kicked out after a certain amount of time is another thing entirely. I think the latter would make playing here less worthwhile for many people... especially those with the longer attention spans... those who would be prone to building the more magnificent structures and creations we see in the Empire.
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  11. I agree with Liz 110 %! I do not see why there should be a time limit, there is even a rule that states that asking players to leave is not at all acceptable, now if you ask me, having a time limit is exactly the same thing. We all have equal rights to play here, if you do not get a spot, then that is just unfortunate, but the people on already probably have been trying for a few days and have just got in, nothing will be more annoying than being kicked after a time limit.

    Also kicking after a certain time will not put the Empire in good stead for becoming one of, if not the greatest servers out there, imagine what people will think "oh I am not going there, there is a time limit, I do not have enough money for being a supporter, they are a donate to play server." And that brings up another thing, you guys have always said that you will never become a 'donate to play server', doing the time limit will inevitably make this server one of them, and I am sure that you do not want this.

    Now being a diamond supporter myself (on both my accounts) had this been inplace in place before I subbed I probably wouldnt have become one. The way I see it, the perks are just there to entice people, having a time limit will mean that people are indirectly forced into getting a supporter sub just to have no time limit.

    Aside from the perks Justin and Jeremy, the main reason I became a supporter on two accounts was because I saw something that I knew was going to get far, I saw an uber friendly community that had been established by two great individuals with great passion for bringing a revolutionary smp experience to players. And becoming a supporter amongst other things was my way of saying thank you to you guys.

    I believe if there is a time limit, people will no longer become supporters to help you with the running of the Empire, but merely to maintain a place on the server for an indifinate period of time. The future supporters will become ravage people that are only hungry for a place and not interested in helping you two better the community.

    Please think very strongly about not adding this in, the way I see it, it will not go down well at all :)

    Just my opinion.

    Have a good day :)
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  12. So sorry MileHi, I do not see it as a great idea. and Beard, I hate to break it to you, but if you were not a supporter and were:

    E - exploring the wild for resources.
    m - inding your own business working on a project quietly.
    p - reventing players from getting out of hand.
    i - investigating other worlds
    r - ecollecting droped items from death
    e - xploring caves for hours on end.
    M - ining ores and blocks
    i - vestigating peoples awesome builds
    n - ew to the Empire
    e - njoying peoples company
    c - hatting to the new comers and welcoming them.
    r - eally passionate about building massive structures on the Empire
    a - waiting the spawn of mobs in mob traps
    f - leaing player hungry mobs
    t - alking to your friends.

    (I could make the list go on forever but using EmpireMinecraft seemed like a great idea :) )

    But the point is wouldn't you get annoyed if you got kicked after a certain time limit for the day?

    *edit* I changed the post a bit to help convey my message
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  13. I think the main basis around this is how we could let more people experience the Empire that have heard about us and have wanted to see what we're about from others referring them, but haven't been able to because of the limit being full everyday. Up until this idea so far, we've been stumped on how we could do this, haha. We've actually been shocked a few times, when there have been people that actually became supporters, right after doing the tutorial (before even claiming a residence).

    Ultimately, IF this idea would come into play, my gut feeling is that it might give us a chance to expand faster and more often. As everyone knows what expanding (and ultimately adding more slots) comes down to, is active supporters. In theory, this idea would expand the exposure of the Empire to a large number of new people who might decide to support the Empire growth. All while not entirely taking away free play time from everyone.

    It's a tough road to go down, but something that we've been exploring for some time. Any other ideas in support to making this a better idea (or a good one to contrast it and support the goal of how to let more people experience EMC) are very welcome, as always.
  14. You could experiment with one server for it. Like smp4 could be set in this system, and if it is successful spread it to the other servers.
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  15. I see what you are getting at Jeremy, I will spend a lot of time in deep thought coming up with something other than this. But for now, lets try not go with it yea?

    It is entirely up to you and Justin at the end of the day, I am just hear to voice my opinion to help you in evaluating your ideas for the server :)
  16. Wowzers, people actually do this? I took time to see what I was joining and how this community interacted with each other. I had always had the intent of becoming a supporter somewhere down the line, but just wanted to make sure that my monthly payments were going to a worthy cause :)
  17. it actually surprised me to at first, and I think this wouldn't be the case if we were brand new, but our reputation is spreading, and the tutorial was so brilliantly made and designed, that it speaks loudly for what people can expect out of the server.
  18. I guess so many players are recommended by their friends that when they join the empire they immediately become supporters.
  19. Yea I totally agree :)
  20. It actually is so great to see this if that is the reason they are becoming supporters straight off the bat. Good on you two! And thank you to all the other staff for all you do :)