My grand introduction.

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  1. Hello my name is BlackGryph0n you may know me from youtube or deviantart as a military brony.
    I make music on my spare time when they give me my weekends off. Latley i have been playing minecraft to humr myself when i can't focus on my music. I hope you guys have a fun time talking to me and hope to see you all in the game from your's truly.
  2. Welcome to the Empire! May you prosper and forge your own adventure here!
  3. Welcome to the empire! :D Talking with nice people is always fun ;)
  4. Welcome!
  5. Yay, a new brony has joined the Empire. I love your avatar =)
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  6. Welcome to the Empire, expect to be addicted. :D
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  7. I've been listening to your music for the last half hour... It's really good!
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  8. Much respect for your service, and welcome to EMC!
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  9. Oh I know you! You made those Appleicious and Rainbowlicious videos! Ohhh I know youuu~

    Anyway, welcome to the Empire. I can guarentee you'll enjoy your time here n.n
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  10. Always a pleasure to serve
  11. Yep that's me
  12. Welcome and remember that you can edit your posts if you forget something.
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  13. Welcome to the empire! (BTW, I just saw your channel, it is awesome! 68,213 subs. :D)
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  14. Welcome to the empire! Always nice to have a new member! Come by smp7 sometime and we can hang out!
  15. Lol if your still around sure. I ditched the forums for a great while and never got to this post but if your still down for it ill be glad to chill.
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  16. Extreme grave digging skills in this one. +100
    EIDT: chill skills +100
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  17. I did not even have to dig it up since it was still posted in my alerts.
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  18. Well since it is back, let me say welcome and nice to meet you. :)
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