My Gold Farm (2+ stacks/hour)

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  1. I made a gold farm at my private base in the wilderness on smp8. The gold farm required at least 1.1 double chests of obsidian. I started mining the obsidian on Monday earlier this week. I reached the 1.1 double chests of obsidian on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014. On June 4th, Wednesday, I started constructing the gold farm. The gold farm's water platform took at least two hours to build due to the lack of cobblestone. The portals took at least an hour to build (with breaks, falls, and one death in between. Then earlier today, on June 5th, 2014, I finished my gold farm.

    Here is a video of it :)
  2. I want one!
  3. Who doesn't :p
  4. I was really easy to build
  5. How does it compare to an EMC built nether based gold farm? I've never checked the rate of a nether gold farm.
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  6. How tall does the glass have to be to make them be a hit kill?
  7. Well, I already have a gold farm, but its impossible to have to much gold.
    I'd better start mining.
  8. You can only get them down to 1/2 a heart (two hits to kill them) by making a 23 block-fall.. any more than that kills them
  9. There's a public gold farm on smp4 (I think it's smp4) in the nether. I went there yesterday and the gold rates were really slow. My gold farm is a lot quicker.
  10. It's on smp3 and I was planning to go there but seeing its like 2 hours for 1 stack..

    Now.. I want one like yours D:
  11. My overwold gold farm produces 47 gold blocks per hour at its highest recorded rate.
    The fastest gold farm I have seen/heard of on here only produces 32 blocks per hour at its highest recorded rate.
    - Both of which are fully automatic with collection and disposal

    I will be showing screenshots (perhaps a tutorial) of how I did it +will be building these in the future for those who are interested :)

    EDIT: My farm uses 9000 obsidian :(
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  12. are we talking nuggets, ingots, or blocks?
    cool though :O i always love seeing what different kinds of overworld designs people use, the nether ones are almost always the same. Whereas the overworld ones, you can do so much more than just gold, and you can combine them with other farms.
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  13. Much gold farm's. I built a huge nether gold farm a couple days ago and today I finished a decent nether one for a friend. Lets all team up and destroy the gold market >:D
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  14. two stacks of gold ingots per hour and I'm looking to triple the efficiency later on
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  15. cool, i can share screenshots if you want some ideas, and things :) I've made a few overworld and portal gold farm designs in my days on Minecraft
  16. do mobs still drop the same amount of items when they fall to their death? I want to upgrade mine so that they fall to their death so I can go afk
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  17. They do not, you get more from killing them manually, but killing them manually is a lot more time consuming :)
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  18. you cant use looting if they fall , but you can get more in the long run, if you afk for a while.
  19. what about TNT?
  20. Well, you'd end up obliterating the items in the process, so probably earn even less using a tnt method.. not to mention the cost.