My Friend Can't Joine EMC!

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  1. Ok. So My Friend have Tried To Join EMC But can't. it Might Be Something With His username
    To log into minecraft be cause it is a Stupid Mojang Account So it Username is (I'm Using A Example Because I don't Want My Email Getting Out) Username:
    That's The Username he uses To get on to minecraft When I use it to make a account Here at EMC
    It Doesn't Let me. His Username is ShadowzMudkipz If That Would Help.

    He Is Dieing To Play On This Server So Please Help.
  2. When signing up on the site, he needs to use his Minecraft display name as his username, and join free code as the password. Passwords won't work.
  3. I Did That. It Says Unable To Verified Minecraft Account
  4. The capitalization of every beginning letter of each word in your posts makes my pet grammar nazi infuriated >.> Anyway, what Jack suggested should be working... I'd PM the admins about it :s
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    I think Melodytune's neice was having this issue. Aikar answered it:
  6. I see you guys have sorted this out. Welcome to the Empire ShadowzMudkipz :)