my fish :(

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  1. my goldfish has died today tommorow i will make a momrial for him any are welcome to come see it it will be 4140 smp2. i will also be holding a ceramoine honoring jimmy, my fish.
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  2. Aww I'm sorry to hear about your fish :(
  3. Yes, too bad about your fish! I lost a 7 year old goldfish named Jefferey not too long ago, so I know how you feel :(
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  4. My beta fish died about 2 months ago, he had a good life, he lived to be 1 year old
    Although I never actually named him. I just called him Mr.Fish
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  5. The longest I had a fish was about 1 year, we left to go camping and it got stuck in one of our aquarium toys... It's name was ralphee
  6. I had 2 fish, one died the day after we got it, the other one died on new years eve 2010 because of old-age.
    I have two 4 month axolotls now.
    I can't say I feel sorry for you, it's a fish...You don't get emotional attachments to fish like you do with dogs. Axolotls = Yes. They like to play with your fingers.
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  7. i had this fish for 9 years how wouldnt i get attached to it...
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  8. Because it's not like you can talk to him when you're upset. He'll just swim around and forget about it the moment you say it.
  9. Aren't axoxtals like Japanese or something? I dunno.
  10. Soul, come on give this guy a break. I mean, to him his fish is like my dog. So if he died I would be very upset.

    I am sorry that your fish died. I once had 2 fish named Jack and Jill, then Jill died after about 3 months, and Jack soon after. I am very sorry. D:
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  11. I must admot, while I do feel for you, you must admit, it seems the true purpose of the goldfish is to teach you about coping with death. I had to learn how to cope with death with a cat instead.:(
  12. They have a memory span of 3 moths
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  13. Some things on this *cough* thread may come by a insensitive.
    I know what its like to lose a fish, mine died.
    My grandma came home one day, and her whole aquarium was dead.
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  14. My Grandma would constantly get new goldfish to make it seem like they never died. But I knew, I knew.
  15. I have constant death in the fish tankā€¦ way too many fish in there. We let my goldfish go into a pond near my house, as far as I know, it's still there eating.
    Sorry to hear about your fish. I hope you have fond memories of him. :)
  16. I had a betta fish that I had for about a year. also fish are a pet that many people get when they get a first pet. Its to teach you basic responsibility and how to care for harder to care animals like Dogs and Cats( They can be harder to care for dependent on breed.)
  17. i had 4 fish. 1 died the day i got it, he was a neat looking 'balloon' like fish. mr. balloon.
    then i had one that i named... i forgot. i just had it too.
    then 2 more after that. all dead. and i was sad, but it was fun while i had them.
    and remember that.
    the fun things are better to remember than their death.
    and soon they will always be with you. you wont forget them like i did.
  18. I've never owned a fish. I here it is definitely a different experience. Sorry about your loss!
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  19. well considering it looks like its always eating and floats, yeah i would say that it is different :p
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  20. Aww I'm sorry about your fish :( I used to have a fish... It died though, so I know how you feel.