My Final greetings to EMC (for now)

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  1. Hello Emperians,

    As copherfield and Squizzel_Boy before me, I'm also leaving EMC. I've been on EMC for 249 days, and my time has come to leave. As copherfield stated, the empire has grown to a true Empire! What once begun as and has now turned into a server network with SMP1 to 9 + Utopia. Unfortunatly, with the comming of more SMP's, the personal aspect of EMC's moderation and community have deminished. Nearly all Emperians are out for money, it has become the most wanted item in EMC.

    With me leaving, I also Officially disband the Delta Team on EMC. It was a great group, and I've had a lot of fun. For all those Delta's out there, Romano44 has told me he will set up a new group in spirit of DT.

    From now on I also shut down my Eclipsys' Master Building Services. I'm taking a break from building for money :)

    I will be online less as well, I'll be preparing for University after my vacation :) As for rupees/give aways, there will be none. I'm taking an EMC break, and when I return (someday) I'm gonna start from where I began, SMP1, lot 841. All my items have been stored there, and will remain there, waiting for my return.

    Now the list of thanks:
    I want to thank JustinGuy for creating the greatest MC community I know.
    I want to thank ICC/GKJ for his support and TNT fun!
    I want to thank Maxarias for her valuable relationship
    I want to thank shaunwhite for helping with all the problems I ever had

    I also want to thank the rest of the moderation team, you are, and will always remain, Pure awesome

    For now I say,

    Until we meet again, EMC

    All the best!

    javaw 2012-06-11 23-25-00-60.jpg
  2. wtf tim? XD
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  4. Isnt a man allowed to take an break of MC/EMC?
  5. As stated above, I'm taking an MC/EMC break
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  6. if all the old member leave i will be the oldest one :p
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  7. You will never be the oldest one, coz I'll come back, someday! Just keep your eyes on the horizon
  8. :(

    (don't like this :/ )
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  9. Sigh eclipsys.......
  10. is the picture made in wild?
  11. No sir, on the DT private server, there are no dia blocks anywhere in the EMC wild XD
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  12. >_>_>_>_> You sure?

    they are pretty
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  13. I hope not for long... :) will you be still on Skype?
  14. And the Golden Empire?
  15. Yessir, il lstill be on skype and aikars server and SP and stuff
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  16. Ill finish the golden empire this vacation :)
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  17. Copherfield is leaving too!?!! What about DT?
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