My Fathers Cobra [love]

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  1. i completely have to share this, my father owns a Mustang Cobra V8 Turbo with an air intake system, its got close to 900 horse power, and is a beast.

    it is the sexiest car on this planet. i love this thing to death. and who does it go to when he can no longer drive it? :D

  2. That is one sweet ride
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  3. Holy cr@p that is a very nice Mustang.

    Who does it go to when he can no longer drive it? Um...I'd buy it ;)
    Thanks for sharing, that is awesome!

    This is my dream car...a 1967 Shelby GT500

    Oh yeah, Eleanor (Gone in 60 Seconds reference for those who don't know) for me!

    Of course the "Bullitt" would be awesome too.

    Steve McQueen was the man and his Mustang was bad@**.
  4. awesome car but I still think a tank is cooler and probably has more horse power :p but I do like a

    an EVO in red or white or

    Aston Martin DBs :3 in matte black

  5. Eleanor is a pretty sweet car, i agree!

    and it goes to me of course! whoooohooo :)
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  6. i think i'd like a tank to blow up a few things i didn't want to see anymore. a tank would definitely be intimidating, but lets face it, you can't go over 160 miles an hour in a tank, i like speeeeeeeeed. <3
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  7. but a tank is 100% cooler
    1 you cant get clamped
    2 In a action packed cop chase you can just drive over the police road block
    3 you can get away with doing nothing in class because you can just blow up the teachers house for revenge on bad grades :p
    4 no such thing as stuck in traffic because you can just drive over the cars in front of you or go round the traffic :3
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  9. 2 is a good idea, 3 though means nothing to me because i'm not in school and haven't been for nearly 4 years.. and 4 is a good idea. LOL
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  11. i like the red breaks. and the way the paint looks :)
  12. So that's were all the fuel goes...
  13. Tanks FTW :D

    I know i get a like from you ;)
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  14. ^^^ like x100 yeah I like the SS's tank but yeah I don't think i would be allowed one with THE flag on it :/
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  15. lol i thinks it's not alowed ;) sadly :(
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  16. I personally would like to have these:
    Morgan EvaGT

    Maybach Exelero

    Citroën GT
    Citroën GT.jpg

    Ferrari 612 GTO
  17. I thought this was going to be a thread about people posting pictures of pet snakes...
  18. Ooh~ Very nice cars! :D
    My dream car is a; 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental [I prefer old cars for some reason. xD]

    Here she is~!

    My Bentley.jpg
    My Bentley.jpg