My Exchange in Italy

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    (Since 4th September)

    -----Ciao! As I am sure some of you may heard, I am going to study as an exchange student in Pisa, Italy for a year starting on the 4th of September! After some strong pushes from others in my life, I got interested in blogging, and decided to make my own!

    ----If you'd like to follow me on my journey through high school in Italy, and everything else, you can show me your support by following and reading my blog! Here's the link to my blog:

    ----Here's a few pictures of my host family! I hope to join them soon, and I will be sure to post on the "Show Yourself 2015-16" thread too!

    ----From left to right: My oldest brother Pietro, my second youngest brother Alessandro, my second oldest brother Francesco, my mom Giulia, my youngest brother Giulio, and my father Paolo.

    tl;dr - Please support me and wish me well on my travels!
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  2. Nice, Ive always wanted to be in another country! Have fun there!
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  3. tl;dr
    Bon Voyage, cya on the other side =P
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  4. When you come back you have to show us all the cool hand gestures you learnt. :p
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  5. Thanks!
    Haha, they have a lot of hand guestures, I will practically be talking with my hands!
  6. Awesome, good luck and have fun over there! :p
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  7. That's exciting. I am sure you will enjoy the stay, will have lots of delicious pasta and gelatto, and lots of fun with your bro's and sis'. Just good you are in northern Italy, far away from the Camora ;)
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  8. Haha, told you about the gelatto :)

    About the rock concerts, more likely metal, yes it is normal if people start poking. I guess, it's the same in the US, though (never been to a concert there:( ).

    It seems you get the full blown Italian experience, which is awesome.

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  9. Ah, interesting! I probably won't follow the blog, as I have much more than enough to follow already.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your posts on the show yourself thread, though, and I hope it goes well! :)
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  10. Thanks for reading! There's more to come, and I hope you don't mind reading, because I have paragraphs for each day. ;)

    I'm serious about the gelato. It is leagues above ice cream in the states. It's like comparing a kid-pitch baseball team to the Major Leagues. On that note, the flavors are either a love or hate. Pistachio actually tastes like pistachio. Coffee actually tastes like bitter coffee, yet in a sub-hardened form.
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  11. Read your first week entry, so cool! Hope you continue to have a fabulous adventure :)
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  12. Love the blog!! Hope you have a good time in Italy
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  13. Awesome, Wish you well on your journeys :D
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  14. Q: Kyzoy, it's been four weeks since your last post.
    K: Yes, I know.
    Q: What happened?
    K: I began school, athletics, and was caught up in the first days of my exchange, see post for details.
    Q: Oh, I see. When will your posts be up?
    K: Here is one of them, three more will follow within the next few days! "Week 2: The First Day of the Rest of My Life"
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