My Empire Experience.

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  1. Hello guys, if you may not know me, I am Sky. I happen to be the Former and Future owner of 14141. When I first joined, I was in SMP 5. The maze taught me a lot. I made a lot of stuff on my residence, my first idea was to build a giant store, which failed. Then I wanted to make a temple which is another fail. Anyways, when I met my first friend on EMC which is TheController, he helped me a lot. When I met some other people named shrkatk, gemrawke, and sstrngmnm, we became good friends. When all 3 of us moved to SMP 9, I decided to move to SMP7 after a while and they followed. On SMP 7 I met BeLugh, Stephan9r9r, Kosterhaus, and many other people; I think SMP 7 might be the best server in my opinion by the way. Well, after a while of building and destroying my friend shrkatk decided to leave EMC. That was a big loss for me, then when Gemrawke left I was really upset. When BeLugh left, I decided since 14141 is not useful, I could ask BeLugh to give me all the perms as he did. He gave me and my friend Alex119ks the flags. From there we ran the buisness for a short while then got in a fight, he took a lot from 14141 and half my rupees. When alex quit he gave DeathConn everything. I asked deathconn for the rupees and he declined. A few weeks later DeathConn got 14141 to be unclaimed, therefore making me lose EVERYTHING. I managed to get back up on my feet and got so happy when Gemrawke finally came back. Sstrngmnm started to hate me for some reason. So now here I am with my friends Zeke1o0o, Pab10s, Gemrawke, Nick5013 MrWhosMagic, Samsimx and many others. Thank you for the experience EMC!

    *Disclaimer: I have left out a bunch of stuff.
  2. I wish I had friends
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  3. Don't say dat if u multiply the 3 to the 1 it makes 4 which stands for friends I think.... How do I change this subject.... I'm your friend :D
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