my diamonds disappeared?

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  1. Yesterday i bought about 6 diamonds from kevdudeman, but today i looked in my chest and noticed they are all gone! what happened to them? nobody has perms in my lot, so nobody could have stole them.

    Also, about 20 minutes earlier this guy named --- poured a bucket of lava under me after following me into a cave! when that happend i lost my full set of diamond armor and a diamond pickaxe, and the helmet was fire protection I! i know you might think that thats how i lost my diamonds from the previous paragraph, but those diamonds were not on me then. So today i lost a full set of diamond armor, a diamond pickaxe, and 6 diamond gems. is there any way i can get this stuff back?
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  2. Did you reported the guy with the lava?
  3. Hmmm This happened in the wild right, you can't get your stuff back but if you have proof like a screenshot of --- doing it then it PvP which is perm-Ban contract a mods or Admin about this
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  4. I sadly didn't get a screenshot, i didn't think of doing that. I reported him too by the way, I just thought it might help to post it on here too.
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  5. It is not fair to post things like griefing in the public forums, it is not good
  6. I believe its fair
  7. yea without a screenshot your chances are slim, just pm a mod
  8. It is accually not allowed to post something like 'XXX griefed my house in the wild' and 'I got killed by XXX, he burned me'
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  9. Yeah. Don't go publicly accusing anyone, even if you have solid proof. If you do, taker it to a mod and the rule-breaker in question will see justice :)
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  10. Will you be banned doing this? Posting it public?
  11. I know but like the jt thing was half solved by posting on the forums ;) (but I mainly was talking about BIG greifers where you post the name) well its like in the news they post mass killers names :p

    I know its wrong I will never do that but I have to say I don't think it should be wrong. but it is against the rules so I have to follow the rules ;)
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  12. My diamonds were stolen once, so I went to the wild. Then I was banned for using "x-ray mods". I don't know how to use mods, so now I'm screwed. True story
  13. Not the right way to appeal a ban :)
    If it's not an appeal, and you're telling the truth, then I'm sorry.
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  14. Lol, I'm just sharing experience :>
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  15. Are you unbanned?
  16. Nah. I would PM him, but I don't use the site a lot, or know how PM. Lol.
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  17. Ok guys, everything worked out. A mod came and told me the guy got banned, and even gave me some rupees to buy new armor. The only thing that still isn't solved is how the diamonds in my chest randomly disappeared. And I'm sorry if I wasn't supposed to do this on the forums, I didn't know. I wasn't doing this to report that guy anyway, I was just giving some background info incase it was helpful.
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  18. Because the main issue here was the diamonds disappearing, I had already reported Lucas on the server
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  19. Hmmm was the chest on your res or the wild if so did you locked it
  20. My res
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