My Departure From This Ship

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Bro_im_infinite, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. I am leaving the ship.

    I would like to give a Huge shoutout to KevDudeMan, Agozyen, and SkareCboi
    I will miss you all.

  2. NOO not another player :(
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  3. Awww, you were one of the original peeps I remember.
    Best of luck to you man.
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  4. Sorry to see you, I really enjoyed that obsideon event and the bone promo.
  5. I will miss you, I know I never really got a chance to know you but I will still miss you!
  6. Please stay on the ship another while...:(
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  7. Adios Bro. Have a good one :D
  8. Shame to see you go Bro :( Have a good one!
  9. Aww :( Such a shame to see many great people leave recently, and you're one of them. You'll be sincerely missed bro! You're always welcome back :)
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  10. See ya bro_im_infinte! I didnt really get to know you that much but when I did talk to you , you were really awesome!
    Good luck in the future!
  11. Just asking, but are you going to make a good bye thread for every break you take?
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  12. seems legit....
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  13. I really hope you are just taking a break, but if you leave, well...I really hope you don't.
  14. See ya in a few months! :-P
  15. Really hope you come back Bro, you're a cool guy and a cool neighboor.
    Have fun wherever your life leads you too.
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  16. Wow... It appears a lot of you took this the wrong way, I am not leaving EMC, only the boat in the video.
    I plan to be on EMC for a lot longer, and do not plan to leave any time soon :)