My Departure from EMC

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  1. Half a year ago I was searching for the best MC server I could find, one that would allow me to build and adventure all in one neat place. My frivolous searches were answered with 3 letters, EMC. This past year EMC has been a place where I could hang out with friends and just have a good time. It seems like these past few weeks EMC has slowed down a bit. I am not having insane amounts of fun anymore and it seems like my time has come to depart from EMC. From my silly cactus farm on Smp4 the day I joined... to the Biscuit Mansion on Smp5 EMC has always had my back. That is why I am leaving, so I can quit while I am ahead. EMC has shown me support and some of its best qualities. EMC has been a safe haven these past few months and I will always cherish it. I spent much time adventuring in the wild with some of my best friends on here. So I say my goodbyes on a happy note.
    In my will I leave to:
    Thecontroller - All perms at 10222 smp5 (I will periodically check back in so it is not reset)
    My various items - The plebeians of smp5
    25,000r - Aikar and Max
    50,000r - Thecontroller
    Various amounts to various players
    I want to thank each and everyone of EMC's players especially:
    JustinGuy - for listening to all my complaints
    ICC/GameKribJeremy - for all the times I asked you to unclaim a res
    Shaunwhite1982 - for all the times that I was able to just chill out and catch up with you
    Aikar - for being the "king of the wild"
    Both Supporter version and Moderator version Maxarias - for constantly telling me to make a shoe
    Thecontroller - for some of the best adventurin' know to steves alike
    Mystul - for being my 1st true friend on here
    and all others that I seem not to mention not because you are not important, but because the amount of you that have influenced me during my time here

    I will occasionally hop on the forums to see what everyone is up to
    My current auctions will play out and I will give the prize to the winner
  2. NOOOO! copher, squizz, and now u? whats happening???
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  3. Looking forward for the same.
  4. With all the other veteran players leaving, i cant say that im surprised. Bye:(
  5. whats hapening today, tomorrow 1st day of school school now 3 Veterans going ??? :eek:
  6. I hope not. At this rate, were being coming a endangered species...

    Good luck with the rest of your life! :)
  7. Mr Legit. I think me and you signed up same day.
  8. 1 day of difference, You joined Dec 27th and him Dec 28th :p
  9. I think I will sit in the tomato corner until this is over....
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  10. Wait... What... No... Don't leave! Your one of my closest friends I have on EMC!

    I hope you come back soon! I'll save your 50k! I wish you luck in your future!
  11. Nooo...
    Not you too...
    *sobs violently*
  12. Why is everyone leaving?
  13. Never met you in game but I've heard from you in the forums- goodbye and good luck :)
  14. Best of luck for the future.
  15. Sigh WHY WHY! Biscuit WHY