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  1. hi guys anyone looking for a job i own Brandtitus Inc. on Smp7. We have reached 20workers i am getting so many replies for jobs i have to have a entry fee of 10k-20k depends on your job if anyone wants a job come to my res.
  2. Is this in the right thread? Should it not be in the forums Products, Businesses and Services.
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  3. Yea, Ronald is right. I don't think a company should be in introduce YOURSELF. Maybe the staff can change it.
  4. Same, you should ask for it to be changed.
    On the other hand, Why not try explaining what to do? It was a little short on details :)
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  5. Right you are, and it has been done.
  6. so, are you charging people 10-20k to come and work for you? or have i misread that
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