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  1. Hey guys. Just want to document my build that I never finished. I came close but just lost momentum. It's too big to show ingame so here it is on the livemap. It was going to be a Star Wars Venator class star destroyer. I never finished the bridge or the back roof of the ship. Thanks guys
  2. That is one really.... insane huge project :eek:
  3. Wow o.o
    That is massive
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  4. Yep. Won't be there for much longer.
  5. What server is it on
  6. Wow, that's big! Cool!
  7. Looks cool.

    I haven't really watched star wars in ages (Or anything of Randall Curtis). Which star wars character/race had a Venatour class star destroyer again? I think it was Yoda Baggins of the Jedie church but is it someone else (Kenobian Jediists, Kenobian Aramanpudjurists, Skywalkians, Bathers, etc.)? Also, aren't lifesavers Venatour class?
  8. Why not?
  9. I'm tearing it down, it's half gone atm, and I mean that literally
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  10. Very nice!!! I built that out of legos couple years ago.
  11. I'll help you tear it down if you pay me- I also have a friend who would likely help as well
  12. Already done
  13. I see my first res on that picture :D
  14. It was very nice, i explored it a few times. Sad that its gone

    (and: wohow, photobomb!)
  15. Oh. My. Gosh. That is an insanely big ship. :p I think I've seen that a couple times, always thought it was cool.
  16. I know how hard it is to do such a big project melk73, I gave up on my 2x4 res project too. I will let it join your project thread, so they arent lonely :p

    May both giants RIP :)

    The pixel art on top of it

    The creation

    What it should have looked (my singleplayer scratch):
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  17. I remember seeing that when I first joined. It always confused me so much. I also remember seeing at least 3 threads saying "what is the image?" Or "can a diamond supporter please tell me what this image is?"
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  18. Well I'm a troll sometimes XD
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  19. Yeah, I remember the first time I saw that troll. Even worse, my computer wouldn't do that thing where you click a residence and it tells you the owner/number, so I couldn't go look at it ingame. :p
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