My best TF2 MVM story

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  1. Hello, 5 viewers, you are about to hear a mediocre at best story.

    Alright, so, I needed to complete 1 more advanced map to beat my 2nd tour. The map I needed to beat was Broken Parts. I was trying to beat it for a total of 3 days with no luck.

    Luckily, I was in a game with a total of 6 people. After we couldn't beat the 3rd round, we decided to restart the map. 3 people (2 were just jerks thinking they were better than everyone) left and it was just me, a pretty nice person, and somebody who just did what he wanted.

    After a while of waiting, a man named FlashGordon joined. Jokingly, I said "It's Flash Gordon, there is no way we can lose now. He will save us!" As he joined, 2 others also did. We all became our respective class (1 scout to distract/collect money, FlashGordon was the demoman to kill the medics, I was heavy, 1 engineer, 1 soldier, and a sniper who just did what he wanted).

    Right away, Flash told us what we needed to do. He explained that it is called broken parts because as they exit the cave, things start messing up. Medics overuber too much, rockets glitch through walls and all of that good stuff. I never knew any of that. He told us the best places to set up and what we needed to do to win.

    We beat the first 2 rounds with no robots escaping the cave but with 38 bucks lost (not bad). The third round was tricky. He told us not to shoot at the medic/robot combos until he killed the medics. Of course, the soldier who just did things by himself shot at them. We let it slide and managed to finish the round.

    Time passes and he tells us what we need to do. For the last round, he just told us to all go heavy except for 1 engineer. Naturally, we all did that except for the sniper who did not give a crap. He switched to soldier. Flash votekicked him right then and there and he was booted. He told us that he was just there to troll and only did 1000 damage (the rest of us did 20,000++). It was just magnificent. The troll was about to win the hardest map and gets kicked last round before we were about to win.

    It was beautiful karma. Anyways, we completed the map. Yay.