My art.

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  1. Hi, this is my favorite art that I've made!
    Will be constantly updated!

    Made in MS paint.
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  2. New art!

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  3. Looks... interesting :D


    I love it :)
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  4. Thanks! Do you draw?
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  5. I don't draw, but I do animate!
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  6. Cool art!

    I could never draw using a computer. I tried once and failed... I do enjoy photography though.
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  7. Mwahaha I'm a sketcher and photography is life
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  8. Awesome! I don't draw, but I think I'm getting into animation. :)
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  9. Haha I love sketching too! What are your normal photography/sketch topics?
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  10. I love photographing cats coz there are a lot around in my neighbourhood and I love animals, and I also sometimes do a bit of flowers and nature. For my sketching, I'm usually quite lazy with what I do so atm I'm actually just drawing Disney, but I also like drawing portraits and doing small doodles (commonly occurring in my schoolbooks)
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  11. Nice art! I usually draw with markers or a pencil. Drawing on a computer has failed for me horribly.....I prefer to sketch things like animals :)
  12. No way! I love photographing cats too especially my two pet cats. I usually sketch cats too but it can vary. You should check out my deviantart:
  13. Oh wow love them! Might get an acc on there sometime...
    I have some of my photos on my Instagram-
    -my profile pic is my art on there and the cat on here is my photo too

    It's crazy we have the same interests
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  14. You failed? Keep trying. The reason I'm good at it is that I started using computers when I was 5
  15. I want one.
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  16. Great pictures! Yeah it is pretty crazy.
  17. I might make an art shop which costs some rupees :p But now we're getting off topic.
  18. Nice, I like it! :)
  19. Thx and yea haha.
  20. DO IT.