My Apology

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  1. Hello, some of you might recognize my username or me.
    I apologize for leaving a while ago, not telling anyone that I was leaving or when I was coming back. Really, I didn't think I would. EMC is amazing and this is not to say to leave it, this is to just apologize. There was a lot of things I missed, a lot of things I probably don't know about. It was for my personal health and so I could get away from things. At this time, a lot of things were going on and I couldn't find time for myself. My self esteem and energy was diminishing. Anyways, I apologize.

    - F
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  2. *cracks knuckles*
    Yeah, you better be sorry. :p
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  3. No need to apologize; your personal life is more important than a game. We're happy to see you back!

    If you wish to be caught up with EMC or need anything at all, feel free to send me a PM :)
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  4. Well I don't know you but Welcome Back!!!