My account was hacked

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  1. My account was hacked I have tried everything to get through to minecraft support can someone help me get through to them if I don't get through to them I will bring this to the obor men I was hacked on the 24 December.
  2. Ask for password reset?
  3. Tryed that it was a proffessional hacker my email can't get through
  4. If you cannot get into your email, then you've lost your account. (from knowledge).
  5. why would a professional hacker bother hacking your MC account?

    i bet they have better things to do than that
  6. Well I am logged into the website glitch but I can't change the password because the old one doesn't work yet in the thing of email it shows my email
  7. But I still can't get through
  8. hacked on december 24, and asking for help 2 months after?

  9. I have been asking on the minecraft help thing only just found this
  10. Then you lost your account forever, next time don't download keyloggers.
  11. you joined empire on November 10th... in order to join you shoulda know this website since then... hands down...
    so... i just dont get it
  12. You could always talk with support at your email provider and also with mojang (with the purchase confirmation code they could do a reset and change the email account).
    (that's where you can ask for anything related to your minecraft account)
    Also, i believe you used some third party launchers/minecraft.jar files or you registered with your email and minecraft username somewhere, people don't just randomly hacks pplz accounts.
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  13. while im almost always on disagreement with you... i MUST agree with this...

    thats why you always put an alternate email account for recovery, or a set of security questions and answers, wich even a hacker CANT change, unless of course you provided em with the answers and whatnot.. in wich case its your fault
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  15. Most hackers will hack random accounts. Emails to them are a piece of cake. They do this normally to sell off the accounts.

    I Agree with Copherfield, if possible show mojang your payment of the game and i would imagine something would be done to fix the issue.
  16. Carefull with language. Also, i posted that because the thread was answered by me already.

    Also, hackers do hack random accounts, but how to hack mcaccount + email so easy?
    Anyways. Solved, i believe mods should close solved threads.
  17. I have tryed the help minecraft thing I have waited 3 weeks
  18. Call support, e-mail support or mail support.
    If they don't answer you can start legal actions against them, because it's a law that they should have a Client Service Center.