My 800th day on EMC event suggestions :D

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  1. Soo the time is almost here. I am almost 800 days old on emc. It's crazy that I have been on this amazing server for more than two years now. Just 10 more days away.


    I've been thinking… I should do an event!!!
    Sadly I no idea of what event I should do yet. Sooo, this is were I leave it up to you guys!
    What should my event be?
    Just leave a suggestion below would really help me out :)

  2. Hey julie you should do a contest where only a person with the name Runningrhino wins.
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  3. Place 3600 chests on a flat residence and hide goodies in some of the chests, along with other items :)
  4. well happy 800th day, Julies :D
  5. do 1 of the 50 i said to do :D
  6. like… fire floor, drop party, scavenger hunt, spleen, sign hunt….

    I have already done drop party and scavenger hunt… I want something different. You know
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  7. do the one where you have to do a chest parkore, where there's stuff inside the chest :D
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  8. Make a giant wool potato and burn it.
  9. thats a good idea actually
  10. PvP arena party
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  11. Treasure hunt with chests. Some chests with emeralds, signed books, coal, and dirt. :p
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  13. You called?

    Anyway, I like Kyzoy's Idea :3
  14. how should i do it den?
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  15. I have an improved idea.
    Step 1. Place chests in an empty residence, randomly in the dirt
    Step 2. Fill the chests with items.
    Step 3. Happy players
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  16. Well, as long as there's people and we can have fun... ^.^
    I'm afraid it will be when I'm asleep though
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  17. My idea would reply upon people having container, but not build. Some chests would be empty but some would have a few gems, blocks, promos, or anything you want in them really. The players would continuously curious to see if all the chests were looted and the players would be continuously curious to make sure all the chests were looted and to make sure none were skipped. Would make for more of a lasting event and more interactive. Hope this helps :)
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  18. do a res filled with cake instead of dirt, and on the bottom layer of the res (bedrock) have chests that have like promos or whatever people like nowadays, and to get to the chests people have to eat their way to it. or if you dont got no time to get cakes or to have the event for like 4 hours, have only a few layers of cake, not the whole res XD
  19. i like cake, so awesome idea :D
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  20. you should give me a hug
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