My 700 day Emc Aniversary. IDEAS PLEASE

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Xatez, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Hi guys, so then my 2 year aniversary on this server is coming up on the 29th of Febuary.

    But unfortunately i have no ideas for what i should do. I want it to be different. Not like a drop party. An actual event.

    Post ideas below

    Tar -Alex

    p.s I Do know that i put 700 days . but 2 years is 230 so look at the first line of the post. At least i got something right XD
  2. Please keep bumps to 6 hours after the previous post :)

    You could do...
    Treasure hunt?
    Many, many ideas to choose from - you could even implement what you like :)
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  3. 700 days =/= 2 years. 2 years is 730 days :D
  4. wow derp
  5. cant edit the tite
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  6. You could have some kind of challenge where we have to craft certain things from the wild
  7. Specify more please
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  8. Saw someone else say something like this somewhere else, but like a little challenge, say everyone goes to the wild/waste with nothing and tries to craft a certain thing, like say the dyes, or an enchantment table, or something like that.
  9. i like that
  10. You know, two years is 730 days, not just 700.
    Bumps only have to be kept to 3 hours after the previous post. Not 6.
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  11. Just asked bitemenow15 - he says the bumping should be 3 hours after each post in every thread. I think there is one section where it is 6 hours, not sure which, and if that rule even still applies. He said that it is less enforced (the 3 hour bump rule) on threads that are not auctinos, but the rule is still there. Thanks :)
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  12. Read above before you post
  13. Huh? Why? Above his post was yours stating that you liked the idea.
  14. it says you not your
  15. Well, I'll tell you something, there's no 29th of February this year lmao
  16. Oops, I'm so sorry:oops: I misunderstood that
  17. Its a leap year?