My 4th year Birthday Bonanza (ALL DAY)

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Will you be attending? ;D

Yes 12 vote(s) 44.4%
No 1 vote(s) 3.7%
Maybe 6 vote(s) 22.2%
Most likely 8 vote(s) 29.6%
Probably not 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. THIS SUNDAY!!!!
    MARCH 6TH, 2016

    In commemoration of my four amazing years on EMC, I will be giving back to the community that has made these four years so fantastic!
    I will all day be giving away a total of 500,000r worth of Rupees, promo's, and supplies!

    The Place you will want to be this Sunday is SMP2!

    There will be three main events.
    1. Horse Race at the Grand SMP2 Race Track at 3385! 2:00 PM EMC
          • Grand Prize of 100,000r
          • Second 50,000r
          • Third 15,000r
    2. Trivia at the Cosmopolitan Hotel at 3767! 5:30 PM EMC
          • 30 Questions with varying rewards!
          • Topic will be "how well do you know Windylava?"
          • Top prize will be 50,000r
    3. Grand Drop party of Gratitude at 3025! 8:00 PM EMC
          • Total Worth of items will equal 350,000r
          • Promos WILL BE DROPPED
              • Expect the following
              • Mineral Mincer
              • full 10k armor set
              • Marlix Armor
              • Assorted bows and bundles
              • And more.....
          • Will also have Diamonds, ores, building blocks, horse armor, and rupee vouchers!
    If you would like to donate to the celebrations, you will be given my personal thanks and will be recognized by SSRC and on the forums with a post dedicating a soon to be built Monument on SMP2 to all the supporters of SSRC and Myself.

    Just message me if you'd like to donate! :D
  2. #SoReady
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  3. Awesome! I'll do my best to be there :)
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  4. (warning: the whole thing got to me a little, so long post most likely inbound ;))

    I'll definitely try to come over next week (already wrote it down in my agenda (no kidding)), but not so much for the fantastic prizes and all (it really is fantastic SSRC) but more so to celebrate this awesome moment with you and the rest of SMP2.

    I think its plain out impressive (and inspirational!) to see someone like you, SSRC, who has been with EMC for so long and despite all that you're still trying to be there for the players and have some fun while doing it. Sure; we only met briefly a few times and we chat every once in a while, but I can see what's going on nonetheless. How you try to help other players with setting up their business while also supporting yours. Win-win.

    Why I think its impressive some may wonder? Well... Staying one year on a server is relatively easy. But as time passes on you will run into situations where you may wonder what to do next. Ocean monument raiding? naah, your friends aren't here. Mob hunting in the wastelands? Naah, boring. Maybe trading with some villagers? Naah; you don't like the way they point their nose... Its going to happen to everyone sometime. But that's the thing: in essence Minecraft is all about how you make the game.

    So with that in mind... 1 year, sure. 2 years; nice. 3 years... It becomes impressive IMO. Especially because.. make no mistake here: SSRC is a very active player, you can run into him nearly daily on SMP2. SO that history of his isn't so much of "Yay, I logged onto EMC 4 years ago, then I took a 3.5 year break and here I am" :)

    Nothing negative about those players who went through all that, don't get me wrong. But being with EMC for a long time is a lot different than being active on EMC for a long time. Enter SSRC....

    A very important player for a very important server (because we all know, SMP2 is where the cool dudes hang out :D). Of course I am boasting a little bit on the server part, but yeah: SSRC is an important factor on SMP2.

    Having said all that...

    Congratulations in advance on your anniversary and my hat off to you good sir :) I'm already looking forward to it. As said: not so much for all the awesome prizes, but because I really think its going to be fun. And you deserve a good time / event time on SMP2. SO yeah :)

    Oh; and if there is anything I might be able to help out with... I dunno; redstone, stuff, sorting something out... just say so.
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  5. ShelLuser, sorry it's taken me awhile to respond to that amazing message. That is literally one of the Nicest things anyone has ever, EVER, said to me. OMG thank you so much. reading this almost brought me to tears, I probably don't deserve all this praise, I mean I try my best at all times to help people but it's nothing compared to the response I get from the SMP2 community and you guys. You guys are why I stick around! :D

    So much has changed from when I first joined, and so have I dramatically. I've matured immensly but I do all of this for the community because of the support you give me. The love you guys give me. The kindness and hilarity you give me. It makes ever single block, every single rupee, and every single hour worth it.

    ShelLuser, you are so important to EMC, because even though you're only a bit over a year old on EMC, It's people like you who will drive progress and development among SMP2 and EMC. I can't express enough my profound and unending gratitude and love I recieve from you and the Empire Community.

    Alot of people give me praise for my progress, but It's only because of the wonderful, AMAZING, People of SMP2 and EMC that help me, support me, and give me the highest and greatest honor, to server you all, and to one day contribute to the prosperity and happiness of all that live on Empire Minecraft.

    And even after saying all that, I'm still kinda speechless tbh. I never really expect people to thank me, or take notice, because my parents raised me to not look for self gratification, but I still sometimes like to think that I'm in the back of some players minds when they log on, and if this validates anything I will work 10x harder to do even a better job for EMC and SMP2 as a whole.

    It might be hard to accept my selfless nature, I truely enjoy helping everyone. I know I havn't always been this way, but I've also seen the effect of the great collapse on EMC when everyone left EMC. I watched as I was powerless to prevent the destruction of what I had built up. I used to build skyscrapers to be noticed and recognized, but now It's more for fun, and to show that SMP2 is Strong, we will be strong, and we can compete. Now I'm not attacking the others servers, by all means I love all of EMC. I just know the people of SMP2 so well, I talk to them daily, I know their struggles, to me SMP2 is my family, and I want them to grow and prosper.

    I understand I can't do that alone, and with all of my accomplishment over my 4 year, the one I'm most proud of is the numerous friendships I've made with you ShelLuser and the countless numbers of amazing people on EMC.

    Thank you so much ShelLuser,
    Turely you've touched me dearly and I won't let you or the EMC community down EVER! :D
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  6. Just want to make sure you get the notification that I replied so I made this message.
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  7. Villagers don't have noses...
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  8. I am so looking forward to it so I am there! :p
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  9. Hello there.
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  10. HEY! :D Hope to see you at the event this Sunday! :D
  11. I'm pumped:Daka excited :)
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    I'm just so glad to have had such a wonderful experience here on EMC! It Truely has been the best server I've ever played on.

    As well, I'd like to applaud the new Administration on EMC, They saved EMC. I saw it collapse, but I also saw it rise again thanks to Aikar and Kryssy. For that I applaud and thank the current Adm. for saving my "Minecraft home".
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  14. I shall be there. Conga-rats
  15. #I will so be there!!!
  16. Aww man. Too bad I'm at school during the time. I can't attend (like always) but be sure to have fun people!
  17. looks like the event's going to be pushed back since ssrccorp isnt online
  18. Aww I came to town for it! Oh well
  19. Wow SSRC,

    Four years goes so fast! Congrats I am glad to call you friend.

    Good Luck with all your future endeavors.