My 365 Bday :D

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  1. Hey guys today is my 1st complete year on EMC
    You can come to my res (17455 SMP8) if you want but i ain't hosting a party because there isn't really a room worthy of a party :/

    Anyway for my B day i wanted to do a giveaway
    I will be doing a pick a number thing and i will be giving away:
    1 ore buster, 1 emc firework(4th of July version) and 1 independence day firework
    Numbers will be from: 1-300
    (i won't tell you if someone already picked that number so look before you post :D)
    Good Luck

    I also would like presents :D
  2. 21 is my number! Hehe, Happy birthday redfire23, I hope you carry on here at emc and enjoy your many years to come :) ~FDNY21

    EDIT: When is the winner chosen and how are they chosen? (
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  3. same wit you
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  4. 238 please! Whats your favorite part of emc?
  5. uhhhhh,
    i guess all the servers to go to and all the friendly peoplz :D
  6. 66,am i behind you?...
  7. no.....
  8. 69..... How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
  9. um 9?
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  10. 22 whats ur fav animal?
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  11. We're at kuraudochuu's res :)
  12. 33 Happy bday redfire U have been a great friend to me :) hope to see u around!
  13. gotta say...... Dragon(derp not really)
  14. we hangin out at kuraudochuu's res(17142)
  15. 262 Do you like Cookie Clicker?
  16. 189 please, can you guess why? :p
  17. #2 please. When did you start playing MC? (version)
  18. 121 please.
    What was your best build on emc?
  19. 166 plz, do you like SlipKnot?
  20. 24 please! Favorite staff member?