My 3 favorite quotes I've seen on the forums :P

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  1. Because who doesn't need a few laughs now and then :D

    [EDIT] Spoilers are fixed :D
  2. #1 was "If you try to give me money then I will take off your limbs and hit you with them" or something like that because I saw Qwerty mess up the spoiler ;)
  3. Why are spoilers so frequently broken :confused:
  4. Usually you just have to remove the editing... Select the broken part and use the eraser at the top left of the editing bar and usually that will fix it. Though if it has edited fonts and colours, they will go, because that is what it removes :p

    EDIT: Basically, what ever you just did fixed the broken one and broken the other ones :p
  5. You have to do enter after the [.spoiler] thingy. :)
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  6. Both of the above should fix what I quoted above those, I knew there was another way to do it but I forgot :p Thanks Tomvan xD
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  8. *Shows mom 3rd place medal* :D
  9. *Pumps fist* Who knew people would enjoy threatened violence so much? :p
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