My 2 Year EMC birthday

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  1. Well, hey all! Today I've officially been on EMC for 730 days [Roughly 2 years] and I just want to say thank you to all the people who I've met for making it so fun!!! I've made a ton of friends and gotten to know a lot of people through EMC and mumble. In the 2 years I've been on EMC I've started many projects (only finishing a few cause I seem to start a new one every few days) like my maze, which has had a few events held at it, I've made many spawners and too much caving to comprehend. Some of my projects atm are a gold farm on utopia, a a res long hall of fame where I will be building many statues of highly notable people and friends from EMC, in the sky above my corner of EMC I'm slowly building a massive star wars ship (Which is taking forever!), I'm going to be making an all flower farm on a res as soon as the new biomes are available and hopefully an auto sugar cane farm controlled by a BUD soon. Also, one of my biggest goals is to reach top ten on lifetime Texp :D
    So, that's basically my time one EMC in a nutshell, if anyone wants to ask anything go ahead, I'll answer anything. Thanks everyone for making EMC awesome!
  2. Congrats melk

    Will there be a darksuperstatue?
  3. Haha, I think after all this time there will actually be one when I'm done, so yes
  4. Happy EMC Bday :D! And I hope you'll be around for at least another 5 :D!
  5. Thanks, and I don't see how I can leave at this point :D
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  6. Congrats melk! :) *insert present here*
  7. *opens present* Imaginary pony!?!?! Thanks LadBlo!!!
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  8. Congrats bro! I almost at 2 years too, but I took a giant hiatus.
  9. Surprise Alicorn party :D
  10. Great! :)