My 100th EMC day!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Gap542, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Yeuh! Today is my 100th EMC day since I first started!
    Now I feel old... I don't like to be old :c I wish I'd still be in those 20's days.

    That's the only thing I wanted to share atm :D
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  2. Congrats!

    You are really lucky because at 400+ days old, you back starts to ache from all the mining. If I were to go back to my twenties, there would be a town message board, a town library, and a dirt/cobble house.
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  3. Im 300 something days
  4. I don't know how old I am because the last time I checked I was 220.
  5. TBH.... I never left town but like twice to get things.. and it was sand like.. 90 days ago.
    (I go out to grinders not to go find stuff)
  6. message board FTW!
    but it was always the same shops that where never in stock...
    im almost 365 myself.
    nole you joined like a week after me or something like that i though (or maybe a day) so we both have a birthday coming up soon!
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  7. I go to the wilderness everyday.

    Because I live there.
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  8. 259
    Do you mean in a wild camp like LLO or random house out in the wild?
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  9. Legit's wild camp on SMP2.
    LLO on smp7 (duh.)
    My own on smp1 (I'll be accepting more members soon. It feels lonely :p)
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  10. I'd love to go to the wild. My computer drops FPs to 0-2 literally.
  11. Then get away from the PRA :p
  12. PRA?
  13. Periodically Reset Area.
    Red = Protected Spawn
    Yellow = PRA (Accidently read this as Iron Supporter. I think I should go to bed now)
  14. It's the same.. (?)
    I can't play SSP or other SMP, just Super flat(peaceful),skyblock(without grinders) and EMC(not in a huge farm or in wild)..
  15. Nope. The protected area isn't reset once every month.
    The PRA is reset once a month.

    My friend, I think it's time for a new computer.
  16. Want to give me my last 90USD to get me a Dual core DDR3 8GB 750GB hd