My 100th day... stuff :D

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  1. Well guys, first of all thanks for reading this.
    Empire minecraft was and shall continue to be, my favorite minecraft server. I played on a few... lesser servers in the past, and stayed for no longer than 10 days. As you can see from this title, I've reached 100 days here :D. While I may have been an... unruly player in my starting, I've really devoted myself to following the rules, and to all of you guys. For all (or most) of your kindness, I've decided to throw a huge fancy party at 4160 tomorrow at 8:00PM eastern time, which is approximately 23 hours from this forum post. I'll be giving away a bunch of stuff, and as of my mindset when posting this, 20,000r to various people. I'll edit in some pictures of the party if anybody shows up as well.
    Consider every single one of yourselves invited, and I hope to see you there.
    Until then!

    Editorio: Say you're coming to the party on this thread and I'll put a sign with your name on it by a seat at one of the partay tables
  2. ill be there =D
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  3. I finally was waiting for this moment :D
  4. I might be there.... let me check: 5 PM tomorrow? Oops, I can't come, sorry. I can be on at 6 PM though.... too late?
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  5. Well, it's 8:00 my time, and I'm assuming you're on western, hmm... I can probably just hold the party for a good hour and a half for those that may be a bit later :)
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  6. kev ill be there :D!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait. :) :p
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  7. I don't think I'll be able to come, I might.
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  8. I'll just take the 20k right now.
    LOL Jk, Happy Future 100th day then! :3 I might be on later... hopefully
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  9. Ill be there (hopefully)
  10. Ill be there
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  11. Bah. Homework. 'Nuff said.
  12. It's your birthday! :)
  13. Hmm, you should have had a poll, I would have voted Eeehhh.....
  14. I'll be there ;) Well at least try to! :)
  15. wait! isn´t that like in the middle of the night in western Europe? if not, I´ll be there for sure
  16. Yeah, sorry. It does happen to be in the middle of the night in Europe. I was kind of planning according to my own countries schedule, which is a bit selfish. I'll be sure to give you guys any items if you come find me tomorrow, as compensation for missing this.:)
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  17. Remember kev, count me in ;)
  18. When is this starting in eastern time?
  19. :p There ya go
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  20. Not to brag but I have about 230 but congrats on the 100 days....I remember those days...they were fun....I might be going but I might not be able to....Good luck with your future playing in EMC!!!