My 1000th Post/700th day AMA/Giveaway!

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  1. So it seems that I have 2 milestones that have decided to coincide with each other . I have reached 1000 site posts and 700 days on the Empire!

    It seems that an AMA and giveaway is what all the hip young folks are doing nowadays, so that's what I'm gonna do. The prize is 50k, and like most others like this, simply make a post below to be entered for a prize, whether you want to ask a question is up to you. Other than that, let's get this party started!

    NOTE: No numbers need to be selected for this. Just post.
  2. First? :o I saw your post in-game ;)
    Congrats! Why did you remove the second gif from your signature?
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  3. Congrats Bk :p
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  4. First of all Congratz!
    Question: How many castles have you built in Minecraft? :)
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  5. There wasn;t enough space for a bit. But your post reminded me that I got it compressed just enough to stick it back in there. Thanks. :)

    Thanks MrGray, you dah real MVP.

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  6. You have made many birds fear for their lives in your days and nights of EMC. Would you show the world your cat?
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  7. Grats! :D
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  9. Why do you not ever skype message me anymore :'(? Also Happy 1k posts!
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  10. Why do you not play on smp5?
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  11. Smp8 <3
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  12. Do you think you could survive 2 missing arms and leg while wearing chain mail armor?
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  13. Cause I never run into you in game, and I don't get reminded to do so any other way,

    Because SMP8 is better. It's just a fact.

    Of course I can, I am the Immortal BlackKnight. Besides, it's only a flesh wound.
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  14. How old are you?
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  15. Aww your cat is cute! :D
    Congrats on 1k posts (wow) and 700 days!
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  16. Why are you a black knight? why can't you be white like the rest of us? (jk)
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  17. Congrats BlackKnight1021!!!
    Thanks for all your help in the past (especially when I was new :p)
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  18. Physically, 17. Mentally, about 5.


    Actually, my name does NOT come from Monty Python (just a happy coincidence). It comes from my high school. Our mascot is a knight, and our color is black.

    Np bruh <3
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  19. congrats: What is your best way of delivering messages in Monty Python?
    Your cat Princess?
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  20. Happy 700th day/1000th post!! :D
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