My 10,000th Post!

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  1. Hey Guys I have just reached 10,000 Post on here.
    Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 11.58.11 AM.png

    Theres some weird glitch where it says I only have 1,623 post or something but trust me I did not use photoshop or anything because how could i use the right font? see!
  2. A wild troll appeared! It used photoshop!

    It wasn't very effective.
  3. javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0
    Not the hardest thing to do:p
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  4. Can't tell if joking or....
  5. I did not use photoshop!
    1k to the person who figures out how I did it.
  6. Congrats you win 1k! and didn't guess what I already said was wrong!
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  9. I guess I'll start replying to the thread as it seems your liking every one of my post :p
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  10. Lol =D
  11. Explain more please, I don't really know how to work with this über-ultra-mega-troll-system.
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  12. Btw - on your profile it says 1,585 posts instead of 1,623 posts anyways ... but nice try though :)
  13. Create a bookmark, name it whatever you want, but the URL must be that code. Click it, and trolllllll away!:)
  14. loll.PNG

    I like rupees.

    And TEXP.

    And Posting.
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  15. I like the fact your editing program is saying you have grammar errors on your numbers and words :p
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  16. That's is because the main language on my PC is Dutch, and this isn't Dutch.... ;o
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  17. The like count shows you are either really hated or you photoshopped that.
  18. Screen shot 2012-12-20 at 5.41.58 PM.png
    Man, why does everyone hate me now :p
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