[Must Sell ASAP] Lucky Bow & Blizz Ard Nose

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  1. As stated, need to sell ASAP.

    Avalauncher: 250k (Negotiable)

    Lucky Bow: 90k (Non-Negotiable)

    Blizz Ard Nose: 150k (Non-Negotiable)
  2. I'll buy the avalauncher. I'll pay in a several minutes.
  3. Avalauncher gone! Blizz Ard Nose left! (Very cheap)
  4. Bump! Also selling lucky bow for 90k!
  5. I know this is old but I can hope
    Do u still have the lucky bow?
  6. Lucky bow still up for sale?
  7. Would just like to congratulate you on bumping an old thread, this person hasn't ben on the forums for the entire of this month and was last seen 16 days ago
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  8. Not only that, but why is he asking 150k for a Blizz Nose...? There's still a few Blizz's out there and it's only about a month after they stopped spawning, so the market value would be about 75k, I believe... Lol
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  9. This was from November. No blizz's at that point
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  10. Hey I'm tryin