[MUST PLAY] Last Legacy: Null Space [FREE]

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by xHaro_Der, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. So I came across this game on Kongregate (you should really make an account on Kongregate and add me "vasum01")

    It's basically you stuck in another universe and you need to get back. It has 15 stages that took me around 4 hours to beat. I must say, it was very entertaining. Make sure you read all the hints and tips it gives you. I personally don't like games with stupidly long story-lines so this was perfect for me.

    Let me know how many large triangles you were able to collect when you finished the game, I can't seem to get them all :p

  2. Going to try it out now :p
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  3. Last legacy? :eek: Best level editor I've ever seen!
    By the way, shouldn't you just play this on runouw.com?
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  4. I like Kongregate's achievement/badge system plus you can be friends and there's a lot of other similar games :p
  5. This soundtrack <3
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