Musiiiic! <3

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  1. Well i thought i'd just a song, i doubt most of you will like but i ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE my techno, rave, house, hardstyle... <3 Any who time to get to the music!

    <3 it!!

    This is a podcast from GoingQuantum, 51 minutes of different songs from guest's. :)

    Enjoy! i seem to be a music hunter..... :D
  2. I am unlike most. <3 your music. :3
  3. This is pretty much all you ever hear at my school, well ok grade 9, my class is screwed up in a lot of ways, you should see what we are like, and when this stuff starts to play, the teachers get so mad because they can't get the ten kids in the class who are obsessed with it to shut up. Though that is not saying much, my class is hated by all the teachers, we are considered the worst in the school. But still, this type of music is alright.
  4. Alright?, This is Godly :p lol.
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  5. I enjoy a lot of music.I am a big fan of nerdcore though.
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  6. Ryukk132 i think youll find your choice in music is shared by many :)
    My favourite is Nocturnal by Matt Darey, weekly hourlong podcasts and releases.
  7. I have to have to look them up, im always up for new groups and their podcasts :D I cannot survive without my music ^^
  8. Im surprised you havent heard of him. He is a DJ, not an artist or band though, has done weekly podcasts for years :)
    I like the audio you posted though, good stuff :)
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  9. Lmao! Brid song. Oh yes, i remember that song. I do worry for you though Mrlegit :p
  10. Yes you should.

  11. Instrumental Version is way better :p

    I prefer the instrumental version :D

    Some of these are alittle old but they are really good! I tend to music hunt alot so :D
    Share your fav songs ^^
  12. Well as i tend to music hunt, i have found myself some new ones this is trance and a song which i like, its more sad but enjoyable? lol Here they are :) I'll try and update this as much as i can ^^

    Enjoy :D
  13. If you like nerdcore try out my friend yTc, he's been making it for years.

    He has lots of free music, and I listen to it quite a bit. I especially like the NES remix songs. :p Almost all of the songs on this album are great!

    If you like him, here is a listing of songs you can just click on and listen to.
  14. Yeah I know of him.Also most nerdcore artists have a lot of free music.