[MUSIC] Slow Burn

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  1. Scrapped this together last night, after deciding I was going to figure out how to get a "deep brass" sound in MM17. For all my sound-pools, there seems to be almost nothing in the way of those heavy ME3 "Reaper"-style horns.
    I think the last time I was truly happy with any tune I created, it was the Nebula Warfare track. Comments, thoughts, and feedback are welcome.

    Created for FTL:Incursion, if anyone's familiar with Faster Than Light.
  2. Nice!:)
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  3. Nice tune :)
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  4. Glad you guys enjoy it :)
    Most tracks in FTL have an "explore" and "battle" variant - Slow Burn is the Exploration track.
    Hard Burn, logic follows, is the more aggressive Battle version.
    Also just finished up Nebula Grit tonight (another Explore tune) because nebulae sectors don't get enough love.
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  5. Love those horns... I too find it hard in any area to find really good full body horns. Especially that deep brass that just sends the vibrations through you. Whenever I find a good one, my mind just races with ideas.
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  6. These are also great! :) But I don't really hear that hard burn is more "agressive" than slow burn.
  7. It's mainly in the use of drums and bass-line, though I did try to work more guitar in there too.

    My computer may lack Minecraft at the moment, but at least I still have my music software :rolleyes:
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  8. I may as well just make this my "FTL Music Thread."
    If you enjoy these, just click the little "KRS MediaWorks" bar in my sig, there's about a dozen more on my channel.
  9. All those creative talents of yours :eek:
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  10. Alright, if I'm posting on these boards again, I may as well throw this out here too.
    Enjoy the music :) It's also free to download from my soundcloud as well.
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