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You gonna listen?

YES :D 10 vote(s) 90.9%
NO D: 1 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. So I got this awesome Idea from: Jcplugs and Cordial_Pie
    To start a DJ station on this awesome website called turntable.fm
    I will play many different songs from many different Genres
    Ill bump the thread when I'm online and playing :D
    I will also have surprise DJ's who I will let pick songs and such for a day
    anyways: Channel: Beats by Brytalex
    Tuesday, 3:30 pm EST to 6 pm EST (Stew Special)
    4th of July Break for a Week :D
    Next Tuesday, 10am to 12am EST (UKF 2012 album)
    Next Tuesday, 4 pm EST to 6 pm EST (FFA DJ-ing)

    (times may change)

    TIme Zone converter:

    Language: I will have some explicit language, but try not to have that much.
    Also right now there are 2 rooms with "Beats by Brytalex" name, I'll fix that xD accidentally created 2 rooms xD

    Modern, Not Headache giving.
    Rap and Dubstep

    Cone to the music you like and don't hate xD
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  2. No!!! I live in Wisconsin! I forgot to look at the time zone. Sorry I can't listen, otherwise I would. :(
  3. If your behind me, don't worry. I'll have an afternoon session too
  4. >.< I was in the D: room until I had to go :p

    Also, I don't think I can make the 10 AM session, dangit. Oh well, I'll try for the 6 PM one.
  5. Yo yo yo! We gonna start the music in 5 bro :D
  6. Cool I see that you really like the name, i may be able to make the 6pm one because the 1st one would be 8am for me :eek:
  7. even though I just said that, I just have to go to swimming now XD sorry
  8. LINK:

    Ah it's ok, I think ill start at 4 pm and go to 6 pm EST

    MUSIC IS PLAYING! You can Vote up or down to the song and if it gets 2 No votes ill skip it :D
  9. Darn, not in the US so i can't listen :(
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  10. Get a vpn then :D
  11. What's that lol
  12. It essentially changes your ip adress. Same as using a proxy. There are a few free ones out there as well.
  13. Also, all you haters, give me a break, just learning xD
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  14. i see you are taking my advice :). Anyways, you got one more loyal listener. This is awesome.
  15. DJ Turntable$ boi! Gimme sum beats!
  16. Omg.... lol well if you had stayed. Anyways

  17. Nah the tabcrashed I'm clicking on the link right now
  18. First Epic fail session xD will close at 11:15 or 11. But make sure to come back for
    3 or 4 or 5 pm EST
    and ENDS
    6 pm EST
  19. Everyone sucks when they start out. I don't know this programs interface, but when you are just thrown out in front of the mixer and tables, you are generally scared to death. The trick is to practice. All the time. If you listed to music alot, practice DJing. I find myself up at 1 in the morning practicing sometimes.

    Also if you want me to teach you to mix the tracks, and put on a better show, that would be awesome.
  20. Lol, This is just making a que of music and then playing it. Not your own music. It will be my music when I develop some xD But I kinda picked sucky songs. But the AMUSEDSTEW SPECIAL should be good