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  1. I don't know if its possible but would like to ask anyway
    is there a way you can somehow let players choose their own music to play in the jukeboxes ?
    I also just thought bout the language situation they would have to be swear-word free of coarse but I think that would be kool and different
    could maybe set perms on who can hear the music too just a thought

    would like to know some feed back on this idea if it is possible or not

  2. It isn't possible as far as I know, at least for someone to play whatever in a music box. It is possible to make it so everyone hears the same thing on the server from different disks but that is it's own battle.

    Something you could try is looking up and installing a soundpack. It is a texture pack you can normally use alongside your normal one, except it changes various sounds. Currently I am using the Skyrim Soundpack, and it replaces all the music and fighting noises with the ones from Skyrim.
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  3. oh yeah kool thanx :)
  4. This is possible with a resource pack where the only thing changes is either the gameplay music, or disc music, like my dubstep pack, which has music from different artists. You can look more into it by using this guide:
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  5. I was thinking more disk music
  6. Then do the same thing :p

    Oh you mean the minecraft music on the disk?
  7. yeah I was thinkin changing the music on the discs :)
  8. Want me to do it?
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  9. yeah I wouldn't mind having the c418-cat disk to play the song by dj snake, lil jon 'turn down for what' if possible :)
    what u want for doin it?
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  10. How about you start a PM on forums with me with a list of 12 songs that I should transform and put on the 12 various Minecraft Discs.
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  11. So, just to sun this up... You want to replace the current songs on the discs and replace them with something new?
  12. By making a scratch resource pack, yes
  13. yeah and get votes on which songs to put on them
    I wouldn't know how to start lol
  14. Unless you want to edit the sound files of a resource pack, this is highly impossible.
  15. Just waiting on this...
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  16. He already got an answer on how it's getting done xD
  17. Well, now he has two. :)
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