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  1. So Empire...

    I have made myself a little museum with a few bits and bobs in it, not all the best stuff you can get, but a lot of stuff in there.
    Feel free to go in and take a look at the res, res number:18762
    I know it's not a very good number but it will do.
    If you would like to donate to the museum to keep it up and updated please feel free to do so, there is hoppers around to drop in to, or you can donate money so I can keep it running, it's not just my museum, it's our museum, for everyone to take a look at the items.
    I will be updating the thread every time something new is added into the museum.

    Big thanks to Alexchance for the making of the building :D
  2. Diamond and gold vouchers today :D
  3. Few more vault vouchers instock :D
  4. Orange Krysyyjane9191 head in the museum, thanks to deadmaster :D
  5. hmm interesting......
  6. In stock? But it's a museum, right? How would they get out of stock?
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  7. Because its in my gift shop, and i have more instock xD