[Museum] Welcome to smp4's Museum's Official Thread

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What do you think so far?

Great 2 vote(s) 66.7%
Needs more work/items but is pretty good and worth the travel to Smp4! 1 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. I have started a museum.
    I have many promos, but no where near all of them.
    If you wish to help me out please donate rupees, quartz, or even promos!
    I do accept loan items as well as your EMC story.
    I will be creating a room that has peoples life stories written on the wall!
    My current project is making the gift shop.
    The Smp4 Museum can be accessed by going into my mall at 8395 and finding the tp or you can just do /v 8395 museum
    I really need quartz cant wait to have every promo on display.
    The main goal of this museum is to inform the new players on EMC 's past through promos.
    Hope you enjoy the Smp4 Museum!

    Dont want to donate your used promos? Check out this link!
    Donations so far:
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  2. Wouldn't you want to change it to smp4's museum?
  3. What do you mean?
  4. This thread was called [Museum] Welcome to sm4's Museum's official thread yesterday.
  5. caden, check your mail. On behalf of the People of Carthaga I sent you a little treat for your museum ;)
  6. I wasn't on yesterday but I will check today! Thanks to The People Of Carthaga for whatever it is ;)