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  1. Hi, if you need to look at the custom item wiki and feel like it's kind of boring, take a look to my 3D wiki! My museum offers (soon) links and descriptions of every promos that could exist on EMC. There are some promos that I will never put my hands on (ex : building awards gifts, one replica items), but I will have it listed so you can have a look of it on the wiki!

    Floors :

    Floor 7 : Promo Shop - The store might have a promo you're looking for in sale.
    Floor 6 : Special Items - Starter items or guides, books, etc.
    Floor 5 : Award and Contest - Special items given at contests or as a gift to some players.
    Floor 4 : Promotional Items - All promos obtainable for all players normally at /promo
    Floor 3 : Promo Pets - Promos like horses and ''living'' things are spawned here.
    Floor 2 : Event Items - Items given to players for a limited time or at events.
    Floor 1 : Rare Drops - Hard to get drops from mini-bosses or enraged.
    Floor 0 : Lobby - Find the teleports here.

    Promos in the shop :

    All prices each.
    Iron voucher : 100k
    New player's book : 2,5k
    Every 100k forum members gear : 100k ea.
    Marlix's Bow : 50k
    Marlix's Pants : 50k
    Marlix's Boots : 50k
    Bliz Ard's arm : 50k
    Avalauncher 2015 : 100k
    Starter Sword (Unbreaking 1) : 50k
    Meteor Bow : 15k
    Cupid Bow : 25k
    Labor Bench 2014 : 25k
    Labor Bench 2015 : 20k
    EMC firework (new year 2014) : 10k
    Enraged Zombie : 30k
    Shiny Arrows : 5r
    Shiny Flesh : 8r
    Feast for a king : 10k
    Cooked Turkey : 1,5k
    Taste the Freedom : 2k
    Spooky Egg : 30k
    Mr_Chest's Fishing Rod : 250k
    Mr_Chest's Diamond Hoe : 50k
    Mr_Chest's Diamond Shovel : 150k

    Buying :
    Dragon Stone : 3k ea.
    SteveClasher's Head : 1k ea.

    Final openning : soon!

    Sreenshots :

    Come see by yourself!
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  2. Reserved for the secret floor opening ...
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  3. when will the tele's work
  4. you must climb the stairs to access the tps
  5. ahh ok, I would highly suggest putting tps in the front.
  6. Bump!
    The promo shop is open, come see the promos waiting to be bought! I will put more stuff in the op soon.

    *the expensive price on some of them is on purpose*
  7. Bump, stocked on vouchers.
  8. Bump! List of items sold at the promo shop for the lazy. (you must go there to buy it tho)
  9. how much for the used cupid and the used rudolph?
  10. if its not in the list its not for sale
  11. ok thanks SteveClasher
  12. no worries, bump
  13. Bump promos updated. Promotional Items floor and Mob drops are now completed, the others with fake lores (still better than empty spots). All descriptions and wiki links to be added soon.
  14. Bump promo shop stocked with vouchers and other stuff! and floors are full of items to watch!
  15. Bump you can sell me my head for a lot of rupees, as well as vouchers now 100k for iron and 200k for gold!
  16. HOW?!
  17. Ah, a blacksmith's secret ;)
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  18. Ive tried to make that, it doesnt work....
  19. It's from when they first came out
  20. bump still some vouchers in stock!