Museum Now Open

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  1. The title pretty much describes it all but my EMC museum is now open on smp7 res address 14643.
    Come stop by to see all the EMC promos as well as some super rare items!
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  2. This is a great place.
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  3. I see you dont have a cow head (regular mob) Id love to donate one :D

    Great museum btw, really cool!
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  4. If you want to donate I will be on tonight.
  5. Hey! Glad to see you opened it after all your hard work you put into it!
    Building looks great, items are placed in an awesome manner, and I love the informational buttons!
    See you when I get on after work!
  6. thanks! just added donation buttons and a cow head ( thanks stew!). I am currently working on a donors list!
  7. I have to give a big shout out to both Dwight (who donated his head) and highlancer54 (for donating 3 mob heads)
    you guys rock. thanks for making the museum great!
  8. Well, keep in mind that it was you that made such a fantastic building.
    Its not only beautiful, but being able to click those buttons and get the item info out of it, is fantastic.
    Especially for new players to be able to see these items.
    I will bring people there to show off what wonderful promo items and unique items that EMC has been so gracious with.
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  9. Wow, this amazing! You really did a good job collecting some rare items. :) Dat Manure....
  10. Very nice museum!
  11. bump!
    just updated the donors list, thanks to all who have donated so far!
  12. Loving the museum :) Got some really nice items there. About to PM you an idea that I had that is probably really bad but is there :p
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  13. Added new rare item to the upstairs! 2014-01-15_19.12.15.png 2014-01-15_19.11.17.png
  14. why thank you
  15. The Museum will be moved to a smp7 spawn res! I will make a new thread when the new museum is done!