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  1. Hello everyone, I don't know if any of you have noticed or even care about my absense, I have been of EMC for around 3 weeks, my internet has died of and I have run out of ideas, ideas on what you ask? Ideas on what my purpose is on EMC, why im coming online to play, I have no clue on what to do on EMC, the last 7-8 times I have been on I have ran around town bored, hell, me and faithcaster even had a race from one side of town to the other, my goal on EMC was to become popular, have people understand my opinions, to get over 1000 posts on the forums, own a dragon egg ( which is kinda useless now) I just am stuck, you could say I've even got bored of EMC
    But the thing is, i love EMC, even when I quit I'm going to keep my account a diamond supporter, I have big things planned in life, things are happening, things are just falling apart, I keep getting in trouble at school, I'm suffering a bit of depression, I'm really disliking life at the moment and I am getting afraid of death around me, and I can hardly even talk to girls I even think are pretty. EMC is growing and I'm shrinking, I just don't know how much longer I can last, and that's not just in EMC, im just exhausted, ive had a tough season this year and just want a change, but where do I find that change I'm constantly being pushed of my computer or playstation, 1.3 lag was crazy and I simply gave up on falling into rthe void for 3 minutes.
    I'm honestly think im Dieing off in the EMC community, I'm losing friends, my popularity is dropping, and I struggle to even relate to some people, I recently tested something, I went on an account where only 3 people know who I am, ( faithcaster, jackbiggin, jabrzer0 )
    I don't really see and friends showing for me that much anymore except for those 3, I get treated completely different when on my alt, they respect me better then they do on robot, and I've been told I was a veteran player?

    Well my story began back in 1.0.0, I had just got minecraft, I started building and creating things I couldn't imagine, I had so much fun for days and days to weeks and weeks, until, like every player I got bored, I wanted to play with others, so I join a server and what do you know there are a bunch of knuckle heads blocking the wild zone with diamond armor and diamond swords, I managed to kill a few of them so people could get passed, it then got hacked and millions of ended dragons fell from the sky, and attaced us, the server was shut down and I was left where I had started, so I hop back onto pmc and start looking again, pvp servers and factions are just not my thing, so I rule those out trigger away, I see a server called empure minecraft, it lurched me in like a mind controlled person, I joined and signed up, being the noob tag to still am I decided not to read he guide and walk threw every door of the tutorial until I got to the right diopr, I realize I have no choice and read the guide, I made it threw the tutorial only to be welcomed by Justin and a few other members, I went straight to the wild and lived there for 2 weeks, not knowing of "residences"
    I met a very nice person call themarmite, we mines together, hunted until he showed me town, EMC use to be so fun trying earn money, explore, but the One thing I think has ruined my EMC experience "rupees" I loved money, I worked hard for it, but people around me were getting very greedy with them.

    So I'm sorry for all this mumble jumble, I just had to get it off my chest, if you read down until here I appreciate your time, and I will be holding a competition where the prizes will add up to 1 million rupees.


    EDIT: this is not a goodbye thread, that is being decided ;)
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  2. Thank goodness! I thought this was going to be a goodbye thread from you and I was like noo!, not Robot_Chicken!
    I get you, I understand, try setting an EMC record, like the owner of the most chickens, or eggs, or something.
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  3. 500 likes? Cool idea.
    And the competition sounds awesome :p
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  4. I just read like half of the first paragrapgh... Are you quitting?
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  5. non, sir
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  6. I appreciate all of the nice things :3
  7. Robot! You know I know your alt! I am your bestest friendsy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    Please do not leave EMC! Don't even CONSIDER it!

    I remember when I was one of your FIRST workers for 1111 enchanting co.
    We would have daily chats and joke and keed with each other! I dont see you everyday on EMC but I love it when I do!

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  8. Dude, please don't leave EMC. Dragon eggs are about to become SUPER useful for things so many people have wanted like protected areas in the wild owned by players and tools to clear dirt from a res. EMC is on the verge of one of the best updates yet. Please, on behalf of so many of us, don't go.
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  9. I think only one person has read this thread entirely -.- it says I'm not leaving at the bottom
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  10. i read this whole thing and i dont want another person to leave
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  11. Hey I read the entire thing. Nice sig by the way.
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  12. Ima pm you some advice.
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  13. I read the whole thing.... I have never had the pleasure to play even at the same time as you; but all the same I really don't want to see you go. I hope you find something in Minecraft that you haven't done. I am not saying it will be easy. My first recommendation is to steer clear of any more of the rupee side of EMC. Second - I don't know if you use all four of your residences; but move to a new server, meet new people. The different servers give different experiences, and I hope you find some cool people to hang with (of course not abandoning your existing connections)

    Good luck finding what you want. :)
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  14. Well I have actually used every single one of my EMC residences, all 5 accounts only one regular and the rest diamond and gold
    As you can see I pretty much devote all my pocket money to EMC
    And I appreciate people for reading all of it, I needed some advice and I can tell you I got it.
    I think it helped getting it off my chest.
  15. Wow... 5 accounts.... That is many.... Are you using all 5? How many res's you got? :p

    Do you still need advice?
  16. I have 2 diamond and 2 gold
  17. 0_0
  18. Thanks to the people that read it and I am now feeling better and happier, thanks for the advice and your time :)
  19. I read the hole thing!
  20. I totally agree i have been thinking the same i have been playing tekkit instaed