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  1. So Empire Minecraft,

    You may have seen my going away thread by now,

    ( Updated version here

    and I will be having my own Update page.
    As you can tell, this is my update page. I will keep you guys updated on a weekly basis, and hopefully a little bit more ;)

    A lot of people want to see me stick around the forums and keep you updated. I thought this was a brilliant idea! It means I don't get side-tract from my Workouts, Schooling and Cadets, but It also lets me keep in touch with everyone on the Forums, and keep you updated!!

    Next friday, I am starting my journey to get into the SAS by attending, and joining the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) at the Keswick Barracks.

    From there I hope to gain ranks, and become a higher leader. After I hope to enroll into the Military, the Army in particular. From there, I hope to become and infantry soldier, then a Sniper after, hopefully then get into the Commandos then SAS.

    Will keep you guys updated :D

    I will also make this page a place where you can ask me questions, and I can get back to you guys as soon as possible. Thanks!
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  2. Got the first AAFC Out the way, was an information night. It's 11:30midday here (2 free's from school) and am about to head to school for 2 lessons, and go to my second night. It will be more of a going around introducing night.
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  3. Are you having fun sweety?

    Make sure to send me a "Wish you were here" postcard!
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  4. Wait until you have larger and longer ones... It can get terrible.. (From my Dad)
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  5. My Arms and Abs Workout:

    5 Sets of bicep curls, 20 Reps of maxed out weight (Can just do 20 reps with weight)
    10 Sets of Bicep Curls, 10 Reps of maxed out weight (Can just finish 20 reps ^)
    5 Sets of 6 Diamond Pushups (30 second rest intervals)

    5 Sets of 10 Tricep Pull Downs (20 Second rest intervals)
    5 Sets of 5 Skull Crushers (30 Seconds, maxed out weight)

    1 Minute Plank (30 second rest after)
    5 sets of 15 Weighted Sit Ups (30 Second intervals)
    30 Second Planks (30 Second rest after)
    3 sets of 12 Weighted Sit ups (15 Second Intervals)
    30 second plank (15 Second rest after)
    3 Sets of 30 second Mountain Climbers (1 minute rest intervals)
    30 Second Plank to end.
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  6. Have fun (from Dad)
    He's been in for 20 years and has to do most of this weekly...
  7. Just came back from AAFC, was awesome. I do this daily XD
  8. Okay so I havn't had an update in a while. Might present one :D

    Okay so I had my RCT weekend 4 or so weeks ago, was an amazing weekend! Made so many mates and had some of the funniest and most amazing memories! Memories of 6am Revili AKA Smash on the door and get up like instantly :D The times when roomates striped and the Sirs came in and the 6:10am PT sessions!
    I won an award for the weekend for being basically have potential, kinda one of the better cadets I guess in the NCO eyes.

    After this I had my weekly parade nights, revising for exams (All exams I got the highest grade which is a Distintion). We practiced for our Graduation parade last week! Our graduation parade is tomorrow! I am the right hand marker and have a huge part in our RCT flight, with huge parts where I'm alone marching out to the front! So nervours!

    I also had a Vigil re-hearsal which was a great experience, getting ready for the All night vigil on the 24th of this month! :D So pumped but nervous!

    Just 30 minutes ago I came back from a Link trainer! It was an amazing experience. Basically is what pilots got trained on before they went to WW2! The exact same machine! WOW! I learnt so much! Was instructed in pitch black of the Aircraft!

    Next up is Anzac day and Vigil and the Bivouc, which is an awesome camp in the woods! And hopefuly another Link Trainer :D
  9. Stop making up words...
  10. *Reads over thread*

    (Thinks to himself) Whats a workout? What are biceps...? I can't understand this thread at all....


    (Thinks to himself) Oooooh...

    *Exits Thread*
  11. So I got promoted! Was so nervous but I think I aced my parts out there! Believe I was the only one to get a Distinction overall in our Flight! So happy! was the best time ive had!
  12. Dang magic man, you are doing Great!
    Glad to hear that you are doing well, and thanks for the updates!
    See ya around!
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