MR_TNT24 Needs Help

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  1. If any admins see this can they please go to Smp7 As soon as possible
    MR_TNT24 my alt. account I need help I have lost my emc password and i need an admin to help me!
  2. Seeing an admin ingame will not help. No admins have your password, though. Pm them if you really want to, though.

    If you lost your ingame password, reset it with Mogang, not EMC,
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  3. im not talking about my minecraft password
    im talking about website
  4. Empire Password?
    If you still have the email you're using with Empire, you could log out (if still logged in), open the log in tab at the top, type in your email, and hit "Forgot Password"
    Answer the question to prove you're not a bot, and you'll get your password back.
    Just make sure to check your spam folder, sometimes Empire emails come into mine.
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  5. ahem
    what the?
  6. This just got awkward.
  7. Bump, just because I want to see what happens lol.
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