MR2R2M's GIANT KNIGHT and domes

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  1. Hi fellow players, mods and admins!

    This knight was made for Justin, and Jeremy =)

    I would just like to share with you the massive project that I worked on for the whole od today.

    Here you can see that I have made a giant knight out of sandstone, this will be changed over to iron and gold in due time, as requested by brewing master.

    I hope you guys enjoy it, there is a ladder inside the left leg that will get you all the way to the top.

    There will be added shops inside the giant at each level, and the shop will be titled "Gut full of deals".

    The domes will be my main shop. And these are exact spheres, thank you to cdboi for helping me with the making of my domes.

    Kind Regards,
    Richard (MR2R2M)
    2011-10-17_21.41.32.png Knight as visible from res 1226.
    2011-10-17_21.51.54.png Knight at early morning, with glowing eyes :)
    2011-10-17_21.55.35.png My domes, take note that they are exactly sphereical, hard to achieve :) Shop will be inside.
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  2. nice one bro
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  3. Thank you very much
  4. It's amazing. Like I said before, I really like how unique the theme of your res is.
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  5. Thanks man!
  6. This is really cool! :)

    Very creative and well done!


  7. Thanks ae :D
  8. Wow, you went to work! Just last night before going to bed those were shoes! Nice job!
  9. Very nice and Very Unique +1
  10. Hi guys, here I am with an update:

    My knights name shall be: Sir Excrete-alot. (youll probably see why)

    A gathering of people turned into a "pool party" with my knight being the main attendant ;)

    I have also added some more photos of my domes, I am building these domes for people.

    My rate is $200 for all material, first 5 layers free, then $50 for each additional layer.

    As always Keep Building!! :)
    2011-10-18_15.35.37.gif Sorry for the bad qualoty, had to change it to a gif, cus original was to large for the server. Here is his frontward excretion XD.
    2011-10-18_15.35.49.png And his rearward misdoings XD.
    2011-10-18_15.36.52.gif There are my wonderful domes.

    OK Its party time!!!! Did someone say POOOOOOOOOL parrrrrrrrrrrrttttyyyy???

    Party started with Jeremy conducting an experiment, trying to melt ice blocks with Sir Excrete-alot's feces. hahah ps it was a success, phewwwf to much tacco Sir!!
    2011-10-18_14.49.10.gif woops two photos, ima noob on here, oh well two for the price of one XD

    2011-10-18_14.56.22.gif The party carries on into the "knight" <------- Get it ahahah its punny hahaha

    2011-10-18_14.49.16.gif And into the next day. Lol

    Well I hope to see u around my knight some time, dont be affraid to pop by.


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  11. those domes look oddly like bewbs i call hacks!!!!
  12. lol
    Why hacks?
  13. because they look like bewbs....giant pixelated bewbs
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  15. ha i was talking in the first photo and nice job and glade to see an entrepreneur in minecraft.
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  16. Thanks mate :)
  17. "put fence under it farmland" "yes"
  18. Thanks cdboi for the negative vote :(
  19. :O negative votes are so negative...shun the non-believer SHUN!!!!!
  20. broo u cant just automaticly think i gave u the neg vote.... so much for a friend:(
    i was one of the first people to vote and i gave it a good vote