Moving your res without destroying or /res unclaim

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  1. What if we could move our res's to a different res?
    Sometimes i have wanted to move my res to another one but I'm too lazy, i don't want to lose all my items, and i don't want to take the risk of anyone stealing it after i took everything down.
    Maybe we could use /res move [res #] to move EVERYTHING exactly how it was to another place?

    I can't find any cons to this idea...what do you think?
  2. This has been suggested in the past and it wont be implemented.
  3. Con:

    Massive lag when anyone does this
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  4. Replacing an entire 60x60x256 area with an air cube stacked on a dirt cube is difficult enough, I doubt it could work the other way around.
  5. Well, I like this idea.
    Aikar could probably, somehow, make it work.
  6. Well if it's been brought up in a time before this it won't be accepted. And i bet it would make the server lag massively
  7. I think he could too, with a great deal of time and effort.
    Considering he works in Valve Time, however, it would be a truly great deal of time.
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  8. Valve time?
  9. It's a gaming joke about a games developer called Valve. Everyone has been waiting several years for a game called Half Life 3, and development is viewed by many to be excruciatingly slow, so Valve are said to work in what is called 'Valve Time'.