Moving so Bye smp7!

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  1. Hello guys some of you know me I'm the owner of AllenStudios Publishing and am sorry to tell you folks of SMP7 that I am moving its not about anybody its just that well I'm losing money and well I need more business there is lots of Business on SMP1 because of the Shops I do love all of you guys on SMP7 but I will be on there for one more week but on Tuesday I'm going to visit SMP8 in a Hotel and stay there for that whole day so Sorry I have to leave I hate goodbyes but I have too anyways so I hope to come back and visit which I will and will hold all of my events and shops will be smp1 and soon will update you on this forum about what RES Number I will get although I have to make a Moving Process I have to tell you that I am looking for a Hotel to stay at on SMP8 so if you have any recommendations then tell me please tell me if the owners come online frequently so when I join I can move in as soon as possible also Please Support me and I wish you farewell and thx for the great times Bye! See Ya!
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  2. Big sentence...
  3. true I really dont want to take the time for punctuation really thx for telling me tho
  4. :confused: you're right, that is one long sentence. Here is an example of why punctuation is useful:

    We're going out to eat grandma!
    We're going out to eat, grandma!

    :p Love commas
  5. Bwahahaha! Welcome to the dark side. We've been expecting you. *grins evilly*
  6. I ran out of breath reading that. And I read it in my head .-.
  7. That's EMC, only replies directed to grammar :rolleyes: (That was probably incorrect grammar, wasn't it?)
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  8. ;)
  9. Well, wouldn't it actually be a colon, not a semicolon? After all, "only replies directed to grammar" isn't a fully independent clause. Plus, we need a period at the end there.
    Yup, gotta love EMC. We're home of the Marlix, the Momentus, and the world's entire army of grammar nazis. :p
  10. That should be:
    "I ran out of breath reading that, and I read it in my head .-."
    You don't put and after a period ;)
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  11. Punctuation saves me from cannibalism on a daily basis. ;)
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  12. Good luck with your business on smp1!
    Remember, each smp is but a quick command away!
  13. SMP4 needs a nice mall :p
    I am making one atm
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  14. Finally, someone who's commented about the actual subject itself, not about grammar :p
  15. Welcome to SMP1, I suppose. Though needn't you worry about a proper goodbye to your SMP7 friends, you can see your friends on SMP7 with a quick tap at the keys on your keyboard. :)
  16. bloodra1n will hate you if he sees this...
  17. Colon/semicolon? :eek: I never actually knew the correct names of those xD
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  18. You can do the 'Bleh. Bleh.' thing for effect. I've seen loads of book authors do it :p
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  19. Sometimes you may do incorrect things, if it's in style.