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Shall moderators move obviously misplaced postings?

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  1. I'd suggest that the moderators move misplaced postings to matching threads if it is clear that the intention of the poster is better off in the other (new) thread (like in the example above) and inform the poster - "your posting has been moved..."

    Possibly even move to a new thread if it is obvious that it is a benefit for the poster...

    For other, possibly misplaced postings, ask the poster to move the posting her/himself, like in the example above...
  2. Moving post to a different pre-existing thread is not an easy task and is not something we will do regularly.

    I have done it in the past, and will do it where appropriate, but as I said on the other thread... Let us handle the moderation, we'll do what needs to be done with it.

    No need for a poll here.
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