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  1. What is it with movie trailers and giving away entire plots of films?

    If you've seen the trailers for Captain America: Civil War and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, how could you not be pissed off when they give away the entire plot in their 60 second trailer?

    I don't use the word "hate" lightly but I hate it when movies are spoiled for me before I get a chance to see them.

    Prior to seeing the trailer for Batman vs Superman they showed before Star Wars I had no idea what the movie was going to be about except that Batman and Superman might fight each other. I had no idea about why they would fight, what that might result in, other characters that may be in the movie... and now I know the answers to all of that. It's disappointing.

    I also never read the Civil War comic books and I don't have any idea if the Captain America movie has anything to do with them but I didn't know what the film was going to be about. I thought it was going to be about Iron Man and Captain America fighting, likely because Tony Stark did something to piss Captain America off. But now I've seen the trailer and know my thoughts were wrong.

    Sheeesh, I just wish they'd stop with this. They make it so that it's impossible to avoid trailers and spoilers and they insist on giving away the entire plot when they do show them. Where is the mystery? It's not like people aren't going to go see the films unless they know the entire plot beforehand.

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  2. I'm not into films that much but I sure know where you're coming from. When I finished GTA V I ended up pissed off with Rockstar because of their trailers. Not so much the trailers themselves; they were very entertaining. No, what ticked me off was that before the game launched R* took down a lot of fan movies / trailers from Youtube because they would "spoil the surprise too much". I didn't agree with that decision, but I could respect it because I can understand if you don't want to spoil surprises too much.

    That was until I finished the game...

    Because every. single. "high profile" cutscene had already been shown in the official trailers by R*. So instead of the cutscene making me go "whoah, cool!", or "yeah, good idea! (Mike's comment on the fib heist for example) my reaction usually was: "Oh yeah, seen that in the trailer already!". Almost every frickin' time something fun happened.

    "You go in smart, or you go in loud and dumb", seeen that!
    (dangling from the fib building): "He's got support!" (after switching from Franklin back to Micheal). boooring, no new other comments?
    <WHAM!>, Michael smashes a TV. Ah, so I was right. Jimmy's TV looked familiar after all!
    "You're ruining my yoga!". I knew that was coming!
    "You can't repo the ass of a dead man". Seen that!

    And the list just goes on and on throughout the entire game.

    R* basically tells others not to spoil the surprises while they themselves basically showed you every cutscene in the entire game through their trailers. Pot and kettle much?
  3. This is why I watch trailers for people, If they ask of course. Because a lot of them don't want to see to much and I only give away what I need too.
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  4. I loved the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers because they didn't give anything that was happening much context, and the battle scenes shown were small and you weren't given any notion as to what was actually happening. I don't even know if I explained that right... I'm just trying to say they gave no spoilers :p

    One of them is here if you haven't seen it.

    I also thought the Fallout 4 launch trailer and the reveal one were pretty good in terms of giving no spoilers. The story ended up turning out to be super crap though, so.... eh. :p

    Godzilla's trailers were pretty good too.

    The most recent trailer to piss me off in such a way was the one for 'The Danish Girl'. I have no interest in seeing that movie, since it's not my kind of film, but the trailer basically showed everything off. If I wanted to see that movie, I might as well just not if I've already seen the trailer. It shows you what happens at the beginning, the middle, and basically the end. If you want to make millions at the box office, don't show everything that happens in the movie in the trailer.
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  5. Yeah the Star Wars trailers were perfect, I did actually see one of the trailers but it didn't give away the entire plot of the movie. That's the way trailers should be.