Movie Maker Audio Sound Problems (Hiss Sound?)

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  1. When I use Movie Maker on Windows 10, the .mov files from my Nikon camera have a slight hissing sound in the background when played using Movie Maker. This hissing continues when the video is saved at high settings, too. This means that it continues to when I upload to YouTube. The hissing sound does not occur with the raw files when played using media player/anything else.

    I have an example of a video where it is hissing here, skip past the intro and you will hear it, it's not unbearable but you should be able to hear it quite clearly:

    Please help ASAP. I need to get this working for my YouTube videos. I've tried looking around and trying some fixes but nothing is working for me! Thanks :)

    PS: If you use something better than Movie Maker, which is similar (allows me to do transitions, add a caption and save in high quality with 50fps) and free, then I'd be happy to check it out. But ideally I'd just like to fix Movie Maker to save hassle.
  2. Hm, I don't think I can hear the difference between the two. Have you tried importing the video and audio separately?
  3. Try listening to the video between 10 and 15 seconds, I can hear it really well. It's like a hiss, some kind of strange noise added. It's present at a lot of points in all the videos, but listen to that point and see if you can hear it.

    I've tried importing them separately, no difference unfortunately. I've tried saving at the highest settings possible but still no joy :(

    EDIT: If you listened to the audio improved version, that version still has the hiss sound too, it wasn't actually as improved as I had hoped. Really need to fix it before I get my next videos out but I want them out ASAP so that I get more publicity!
  4. Hm... so they aren't in the original footage, but they are in the product Movie Maker makes them into.
    Lightworks would perhaps do it better, but I know you'd prefer sticking with Movie Maker, which I'd understand, as Lightworks is quite a bit harder to learn.
    Something that has helped for me before is importing the audio track into Audacity and exporting it again. I'd say try exporting it wav signed 16-bit PCM, with the project rate 48000Hz or 41100Hz (try both, I'm not sure if it might make a difference)
    I don't actually know a whole lot about this, I usually just experiment and see what might fix the problems I'm having.
  5. I think I tried Lightworks, but found it quite difficult. I just want something quick and easy to do small things like Movie Maker does. It's not just the product of Movie Maker, it's the videos being played in Movie Maker too, but they're fine everywhere else. The actual products of Movie Maker are not fine everywhere else, though.

    I'll consider Audacity later, right now trying some different things. Not sure if that would fix it because it seems to work elsewhere. I want it to be quick and easy rather than having to convert everything all the time too.

    I've now tried looking at videos on their own, tried importing video minus sound and putting in sound separately, and now I'm just going to go for a fresh reinstall and see what happens!
  6. Have you tried bandicut?

    Also, you can add captions as you are uploading the video. Youtube has its own video editor on the site.
  7. Uninstall and reinstall did not work!
    I'll consider Bandicut. As for the YouTube editor, I've looked into it but I don't know how to put 31 of the videos from one of my recent events into it in one go. I don't want to upload each one to YouTube in private and have to put them together like that. Is there an easier way? I can't seem to upload them using their editor!
  8. Banicut allows for easy and smooth video "connection".
  9. Just tried it out. It may allow me to put videos together, but unfortunately it does not allow me to do transitions, so I don't think it will work for me :( I need to have transitions so that the video flows. Is there a way to do this that I couldn't find? I don't think the program can do it unfortunately. Thanks though :p
  10. Movie Maker is incredibly basic and hasn't been updated in the past 4 years so it might be good to move to something else especially if you want to take your video editing to the next level. Although Lightworks in incredibly complicated, it is used in professional movies and could be good to learn in case you ever want to do more. If that seems to overwhelming, there are a bunch of other editors you can try. You will likely need to spend an hour or so with each of them learning the features but it wall almost certainly be worth it in the long run.

    As for the actual problem, I really didn't notice it at all until about half way through when I realized there was supposed to be a problem and started listening for it. Even then, it too me a while to differentiate the hissing from the car noises. Honestly, you are probably fine with the current results unless it drives you crazy.
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  11. That's the thing about Movie Maker - it is incredibly basic, and that's why I use it. It's quick, simple, and I can churn out my videos very quickly in their normal quality at 50fps, with an added watermark for my channel and intro/outro. Quick and easy, so that I can get it on YouTube and be the first to post videos from events. Really helps with getting quick views and publicity, but my two most recent videos are waiting because of the hissing problems...

    I can hear it all the way through, but maybe that's because I have headphones on. Not sure if you do or not! It is quite loud and doesn't make the video sound nice, ideally I'd like to fix Movie Maker because I'm used to it and it's easy to use.

    Which of those other editing softwares might you recommend?

    A fresh reinstall doesn't do it for Movie Maker, so it may be a lost cause, but if anyone knows a way of fixing it then please let me know :)
  12. Your speed doesn't come from Movie Maker being basic, it comes from you knowing how it works. You can get to and likely surpass that level of efficiency in any editor you choose after the first hour or so of using it. Assuming you aren't interested in the super professional options, I would recommend ShotCut. For a tutorial to get started, I recommend and the videos after it. Overall, they do a good job of showing off the features. The first video makes the program look incredibly basic but there is more to it. You can probably watch the tutorials at 2x speed and get all of the information. The program is incredibly intuitive and fast. You can probably figure it out in 20-30 minutes and be making videos with it.
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  13. I will take a look into it later on. I may try movie maker on my father's computer tomorrow to see if it works better with my videos on there, too. Thanks for the info :)
  14. Tried my father's computer. Movie Maker doesn't like my files there, either, so I'm guessing that this is a Movie Maker-wide thing as opposed to a just-my-computer thing :L
  15. Converted audio type to PCM to AAC and it still didn't work. Converted audio type to AC3 and no hissing sound occurs. Looks like I've finally found a way of getting around it! It means I have to convert everything else first, but at least I still get to use Movie Maker. Woo! Thank you all for your assistance :)
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