Movie and TV Show Suggestions on Netflix

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  1. I am looking for some action/adventure movies and tv shows to watch on Netflix. They have to be PG-13 or my parents will be mad at me :/ Anybody got anything?
  2. The Arrow is pretty good show.
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  3. House and Lost are two of my favorites on netflix.
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  4. i couldn't find the arrow on netflix, i only found war of the arrows.
  5. Maybe it's under "Arrow" It's WB Show that follows DC hero "The Green Arrow"
  6. cool, i am watching lost atm, but ill look at that after lost
  7. Try watching something interesting like a Syfy, Being Human, Supernatural etc. Or something comedy like Psych? Those are great shows :)
  8. Ohh I wish we here in Germany could use Netflix :'C
    Maybe they will allow it here on 9/16, which I really hope :D

    Try to find Person of Interest or White Collar ( my sister got thes DVD from you US guys :D ) they are really good
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  9. bump, i will probably finish a couple more episodes of lost tonight and then start on arrow after i finish lost. anybody got any more suggestions?
  10. Psych is a great show, but is is more of a comedy. Arrested Development is very hilarious, a fast paced comedy.
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  11. Yup it's just arrow . And I finished the whole season in a day , it's great
  12. Lost is one of the best I have ever watched :)
  13. I agree. Even though Psych is more of a comedy type crime based show, Arrested Development is another great comedy :)
  14. Thanks guys for all the suggestions.
  15. why not watch The Expendables 3, its a Very good action movie,
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  16. such a good show!
    also try heros and videogame highschool
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  17. i have watched a little videogame highschool. It looks cool.
  18. Save the Cheerleader, Save the World
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  19. World War Z
    Ferris Buellers Day Off
    The Office
    Walking Dead
    Breaking Bad
    The Office
    Doctor Who
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